50 Cent Plays Bad Guy In “Twelve,” “The Dynamics Of It Is Extreme” [Video]

50 Cent Plays Bad Guy In “Twelve,” “The Dynamics Of It Is Extreme” [Video]

50 Cent recently discussed his role in the upcoming film Tweleve and explained his character’s significance to other characters in the project.

While keeping details to a minimum, 50 confirmed his role in the Hollywood flick and explained what fans could expect from his on-screen role.

“I’m currently shooting the movie Twelve with Joe Schumaker,” Fif said in an interview. “I play Lionel in that film. It’s an interesting character, the dynamics of it is kinda extreme. You know, I play a drug dealer that doesn’t actually need support, he’s previously been an enforcer, so he doesn’t really have people around him. I’m the connection between, I’m from Harlem, there’s a connection between me and the kids from mid-town, well, wealthy kids from mid-town that feel like it’s exciting to be around the danger that’s in the inner cities on some levels so they make their way down there.” (MTV)

The story is a film adaption of Nick McDonnell‘s novel Twelve.

In 2002, then 17-year-old McDonell wrote a novel that starkly depicted teenage drug use and decadence on the Upper East Side. The film centers on a former high schooler and drug dealer whose life takes a drastic turn after his best friend is arrested for murdering the dealer’s cousin. Jordan Melamed wrote the screenplay. (Screening Log)

Fif will be joined alongside a renowned cast of actors.

The film will star Chace Crawford, Emma Roberts, Rory Culkin, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Ellen Barkin and Kiefer Sutherland. Gaumont chairman Sidonie Dumas and CEO Christophe Riandee will produce with Radar CEO Ted Field and Original Media CEO Charlie Corwin. Melamed also will be a producer with Bob Salerno; and Mike Weber will be exec producer. Production begins April 20 in New York. (Variety)

The G-Unit leader previously portrayed the role of a drug dealer in last year’s Righteous Kill.

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is in final negotiations to join the cast of Righteous Kill starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. The crime thriller stars De Niro and Pacino as detectives tracking a serial killer. “Fiddy” would play a drug dealer who helps them with their investigation. Shooting starts in September. Jon Avnet will direct. (Empire Movies)

Check out 50 talking about his movie role below:

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