50 Cent On Pimpin Curly & Rick Ross Feud: “I Don’t Know How To Tell Law Enforcement I’ma Hurt Him” [Video]

50 Cent On Pimpin Curly & Rick Ross Feud: “I Don’t Know How To Tell Law Enforcement I’ma Hurt Him” [Video]

G-Unit head 50 Cent has discussed his publicized feud with rap foe Rick Ross and revealed why he relied on attacking the Maybach Music Group leader with a series of comical “Pimpin Curly” clips.

Although playful with his response, Fif said he assaulted Ricky Rozay with PC to give fans a different look at his personality.

“You know why I did Pimpin Curly? Like why I started to joke about it to offer different facets? I said people just see me [angry] all the time, they got that impression of me. They don’t know I have a sense of humor. They don’t know I’m laughing at you – I went to joking in that situation because I don’t know how to tell law enforcement I’ma hurt him. They never taught me that. They never taught us how to tell the police you’re gonna f*ck them up. When you swore under oath, I know what your defense is. It’s 9-1-1. Look, the Bloods, it’s a lot of them but the boys in blue run New York. Trust me. NYPD got it.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Last week, Ricky Rozay revealed how fed up he was with 50-related questions in an interview.

“Not at all,” Ross told Chelsea Handler when asked about his situation with 50. “I’m really through talking about dog. When I look up at the scoreboard, we’re winning big. [laughs]” (“Chelsea Lately”)

Recently, Ross spoke on Fif’s comical fiction “Pimpin Curly” persona.

“I mean, was he in his Pimpin’ Curly mode? If he wasn’t in Pimpin’ Curly you know I ain’t really move. … You know we ain’t got time for that. We winning. Check the scoreboard. We running the numbers up high. Other than that put the wigs on for us. That’s when we enjoyed it and we laughed. Put the wigs on. You know what I mean? Go back to that. Other than that we gon’ keep getting this money.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Last month, Ross said he felt throwing himself into a war with Curtis Jackson in 2009 was a win-win.

Rick Ross’ beef with 50 Cent is nothing but a chess game. While on a press run for his Mastermind album, Rozay spoke to Huff Post Live about sparring with 50 during the early years of his career. “At the end of the day, it’s all about chess, you know what I mean. When you don’t have nothing to lose, like I didn’t at that point, it really ain’t matter,” says Ross. Nowadays, few people can garner the Bawse’s attention. “The position I’m in now, there’s certain things you have to bring to the table to even catch my attention,” he explains. (Complex)

Check out 50 Cent’s interview:

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