50 Cent On Nicki Minaj/Lil Kim Feud, “How Do You Get In The Middle Of A Girl Fight” [Audio]

50 Cent On Nicki Minaj/Lil Kim Feud, “How Do You Get In The Middle Of A Girl Fight” [Audio]

G-Unit leader 50 Cent recently shed light on the current war of words between Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim and why their “beef” should be looked at as nothing more than rap competition.

50 believes there is nothing wrong with Kim and Minaj having a publicized feud at the cost of battling.

“When I look at them actually competing, I don’t see anything,” 50 said in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid. “I think it’s harmless. It adds an interesting story and other interests to them, ’cause Kim is the original, I believe, and Nicki is the right now — How do you get in the middle of a girl fight?” (Shade 45)

Last summer, 50 also dissected what he felt was bothering Kim about Minaj.

“I think it’s other things irritating Kim outside of Nicki Minaj, just having momentum of new artists doesn’t offend artists that have established themselves long before that,” Fif said in an interview with radio personality Lady La. “It’s obvious that she was inspired by some of Kim’s [rhymes], but that’s not bad. And it’s not a whole lot of female artists that you can make reference to so you’ll see those little influences even stronger and I think she’s hot, she’s got a good little thing going on right now as far as Nicki Minaj is concerned. I think it’s probably a little more irritating to see [Diddy] standing next to Nicki and for him to say that [Rick] Ross reminds him of Biggie, because that’s desperation on his part because his music sucks right now.” (Power 98)

As of late, Kim has announced plans to drop an anti-Minaj mixtape called Black Friday, a play-on of Pink Friday, on Valentine’s Day.

“Black Friday the Mixtape – 2/14/11- WHO THE F*CK WAR?#ItsBlackFridayH*e LEGOOOO!!!!!,” she tweeted Wednesday (January 26).

“Black Friday the Mixtape – 2/14/11- WHO THE F*CK WAR?#ItsBlackFridayHoe! http://yfrog.com/h89cwkj”

“@lilkim #itsblackfridayh*e 2.14.11 Happy Valentine’s Day B*tch! http://twitpic.com/3trq43″ (Lil Kim’s Twitter)

Responding to Minaj’s “Roman’s Revenge” diss last fall, Kim dropped her own “Black Friday” response track in November.

Let the war of words continue. Lil’ Kim delivers her full attack against Nicki Minaj on “Black Friday.” Over Pharoahe Monch‘s instrumental from “Simon Says,” the Queen Bee spits stinging words about the Harajuku Barbie and her Young Money labelmate: “This hood sh*t, you and Drake ain’t built for/ This the shit the other b*tch almost got killed for.” She doesn’t stop there, calling the Pink Friday lyricist a clone. “This ain’t a championship fight, I been the greatest/ See the fact is, what you doing, I did it/ Lames tryna clone my style and run wit it/ That’s cool, I was the first one wit it/ You’s a Lil’ Kim wannabe, you just hate to admit it.” Even Nicki’s co-manager and Kim’s ex-affiliate Diddy is not safe. “You and Diddy, sorry bunch of swagger jackers,” she raps on the blistering track, which Hot 97’s DJ Absolut premiered in full today. (Rap-Up)

Check out 50 Cent’s interview below:

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