50 Cent On Fallen G-Unit Member, “N*ggas Is Lucky You Just Don’t Kill ‘Em”

50 Cent On Fallen G-Unit Member, “N*ggas Is Lucky You Just Don’t Kill ‘Em”

G-Unit leader 50 Cent is letting it known there are no plans to hook back up with former group member Young Buck, publicly blasting his financial woes and scolding past decisions.

In Fif’s perspective, Buck Marley has no one to blame but himself for finding himself in legal problems these days.

“Where I’m from, we got a code of conduct that we follow. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. If somebody wants to make you a success and comfortable in every way, down to the point that I actually pay your taxes for you after you — and you still disrespectful and say the kind of sh*t you saying? N*ggas is lucky you don’t just kill ‘em. N*ggas shot me for $5,000… Feel f*ckin’ sorry for somebody that has no opportunities — don’t feel sorry for the person who did something stupid.” (AHH)

This week, Buck made headlines after reviewing 50’s new The Lost Tape mixtape.

In a video that was posted on YouTube on Tuesday (May 29), Buck is seen bopping his head and smoking to 50’s “Murder One” off his recently-released, DJ Drama-backed mixtape, The Lost Tape. “Where Banks at? Which one is Banks on? Nowhere?” Buck asks in the beginning of the clip, perhaps sarcastically after 50 recently shared that he hasn’t spoke to Banks in nine months. From there, though, Buck seems to enjoy the sound of ‘Fif’s “Murder One” track, even complimenting 50’s artist, Kidd Kidd. After listening to 50, Buck begins to groove, listening to a track of his own. (XXL Mag)

Although Buck is no longer with 50’s team, he recently said his Unit issues are a thing of the past.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had any kind of conversation with [Lloyd] Banks, [Tony] Yayo, 50 [Cent], anybody really through that camp over that way,” Buck told DJ Whoo Kid in an interview. “It’s been even a long time since I heard your voice to even have a conversation and we having it on air, live for the people. … At the end of the day, we’ve made history and I would never not consider not being a chance for us to make history again if ever given the opportunity or chance. My thing is, at the end of the day, we only get older out here in this situation, in life, in itself and the older I became, the wiser I became at the same time.” (Shade 45)

G-Unit reunion plans would likely not happen in the near future as the Nashville rapper is slated to get sentenced to jail time this summer.

Rapper Young Buck agreed a plea deal with prosecutors to serve 18 months in jail after an IRS raid on his Nashville home in 2010. The “Taking Hits” rapper — real name David Darnell Brown — agreed to plead guilty to possessing firearms and ammunition as a convicted felon, TMZ reported. According to legal documents, IRS agents recovered firearms at his home when they went to repossess belongings over an unpaid $300,000 tax debt. They found a .40 caliber Glock 22, along with bullets. Young Buck was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon after he stabbed someone at the Vibe Awards in 2004. As a result, he was prohibited from possessing any firearms. The rapper will be formally sentenced July 13. (My Fox)

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