50 Cent Nearly Self Destructs, Removes Controversial Diddy/Rick Ross Pic

50 Cent Nearly Self Destructs, Removes Controversial Diddy/Rick Ross Pic

G-Unit head 50 Cent has the Internet in a fury this week after briefly poking fun at the relationship between one-time music rivals Rick Ross and Diddy.

According to reports, Fif went on a tear against both music stars courtesy of an Instagram post Monday (March 3).

50 Cent raised the stakes in his beef with 3 rap heavyweights — publicly insinuating Diddy, Rick Ross and former record exec Steve Stoute are gay together … but he backed down minutes later. The shots were fired Sunday — Fiddy posted the 2 pics on Instagram, one showing a pink-shirted Stoute embracing a pink-shirted Diddy. The other shows Diddy and Rick Ross from an angle that makes it look like they’re kissing. Underneath, 50 wrote the caption, “I ain’t saying nothing, but something ain’t right. Lmao.” He yanked the pics down a short time later. (TMZ)

Curtis Jackson did not let the photo live long and almost immediately had it removed.

The photos were the latest in 50’s ongoing feuds with the rap titans — Stoute recently appeared in a VH1 documentary about hip hop, in which he called 50 a has-been. 50’s been feuding with Rick Ross and Diddy for years. As for why he pulled the post … 50 probably thought twice about starting a nuclear war. (TMZ)

Over the weekend, Fif added fuel to his Steve Stoute beef by posting up a parody clip of their recent standoff.

“Funny sh!t LOL http://youtu.be/1VPMbmRgiyU,” Fif tweeted with a video showing Stoute’s initial comments about him and then a cut to a confrontational scene from the movie Juice. (50 Cent’s Twitter)

According to reports, Curtis Jackson and Stoute saw each other face-to-face on Friday (February 28).

Watch what you say! 50 Cent confronted Steve Stoute during a Knicks game at New York’s Madison Square Garden on Friday (Feb. 28). Photos surfaced of the two men in what appears to be in a heated conversation. Judging by the pics (posted at HipHop-N-More), it looks like the G-Unit leader was making sure he got his point across while Stoute was trying to diffuse the situation and explained himself. (The Boom Box)

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