50 Cent Names What Rapper’s Better Than French Montana?

50 Cent Names What Rapper’s Better Than French Montana?

G-Unit leader 50 Cent has not swayed from co-signing Chicago’s Chief Keef on numerous occasions and has now said the teenage rapper is better than Bad Boy Records’ French Montana.

Fif also revealed what Chief Keef and his son both have in common.

“@chiefkeef got his own style. I’m talking about artist that don’t have albums out yet. He way better then frenchie.,” Fif tweeted Sunday (November 11) which is likely directed toward French Montana or possibly Atlanta rapper Frenchie.

“You know @chiefkeef the Same age as my son? I want to see him make it out the streets only hip hop can do it.#SMSaudio” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Last month, 50 publicly fired some shots directly at French Montana.

“French Montana you ain’t Sh!t boy. You out your league talking about me you hoe.i read your little interview what the f*ck is you high.,” Fif tweeted October 10th.

“French your Sh!t so weak you never had a song by your self fool. Ain’t nobody’s waiting to hear your verse. Girl”

“Do you realize this fool @Frenchmontana hasn’t sold one record and talking about sales.” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Back in September, the G-Unit boss said Interscope Records nearly dropped Keef.

“There was some energy there in the [Interscope] building, they was actually thinking about dropping him,” 50 said in an interview. “I was like, ‘D*mn you can’t just like drop him.’ That’s what hip-hop culture is. It’s an opportunity for you to make it from anywhere. If you from the bottom right now you could listen to this music that comes on, write something and put them cards back they gave you and deal yourself some new ones.” (Hot 97)

He also previously tried to decipher the now-defunct feud between Chief and hip-hop heavyweight Lupe Fiasco.

“The things that Lupe said about Chief Keef, I don’t think he said it about him,” Fif said in an interview. “I think he said it about the actual element, the environment. But there’s no way you don’t personalize when a person is saying, you, talking about you. So when he responds by saying he’s going to smack him or whatever it’s because you keep attacking me and I’m sitting here and you attacking me and what am I supposed to do? [This is] from his perspective and Chicago had 158 homicides this summer. 38 of them were teens. They got to go through an investigation to make sure that was actually someone affiliated with Chief Keef. You can’t just put that on him ’cause the boy made a diss song and he’s out there. He’s out there and active and you saw all those guns the boy had in that [recently pulled Pitchfork] video.” (“The Ryan Cameron Show”)

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