50 Cent Makes Ja Rule Surrender, “It’s Not Important To Me Anymore”

50 Cent Makes Ja Rule Surrender, “It’s Not Important To Me Anymore”

G-Unit leader 50 Cent‘s war of words against Ja Rule may have finally ceased once and for all with the former Murder Inc. star gracefully bowing out of their beef.

According to Rule, he no longer has an interest in dealing with their past issues.

Sway, I promise you, he can get on Twitter right now and say, ‘Ja you b*tch a** n*gga,’ and I’m gonna say, ‘Good for you, young man. I wish you well,’ ” Ja told Sway in an interview. “I think a lot of people got wrapped up in my and 50’s whole nonsense. For that, I would’ve done that differently, maybe. My beef was with one dude; I’mma keep it with that dude. I’m not gonna drag in this person and that person. Those old feelings are gonna bring back more old emotions and more old feelings. It’s not important to me anymore.” (MTV)

Last month, Rule and 50 publicly went at one another via Twitter.

“I remember when we was beating @50cent a** he was curled up under the track board like a BIAICH lmao!!!,” Rule tweeted Wednesday (March 23).

“I can talk sh*t on twitter to that ho a** n*gga I already f*cked him up TWICE lol… Talk what u know ppl better yet ask him lmao!!!”

“@50cent talked about me singing but that n*gga sure be hitting that high note lol My STUDENT!!!”

“Lmao The PUPPET MASTER @50cent u still P*SSY at the end of the day haha!!! Follow Me!!!” (Ja Rule’s Twitter)

Earlier the same day, 50 poked fun at Rule’s unpaid $1.1 million tax case.

“D*mn you don’t want to pay taxes fool. Take 3 more years hahaha. Oh sh*t I’m crying LMAO,” 50 tweeted Wednesday (March 23).

“Lol RT @YouCantBSerious: Ja Rule pleads guilty to tax evasion aww this is the biggest headline for Ja since @50cent destroyed his career.”

“LMAO RT @Reg_GThisis69: I know @50cent is laughing his a** off at Jeffrey” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

In 2009, Rule said his rap war against 50 was unfair due to his association with police.

“I went at 50 too, I don’t think n*ggas think about that either,” Rule said in an interview earlier this summer. “I went at that n*gga hard too. 50 done had a beef with a gang of n*ggas. Even the first record he made I think was ‘How 2 Rob,’ and I was the only artist that when I seen him, I was like, ‘Eh, that ain’t funny homie. What’s happening.’ You feel what I’m saying? Everybody else that seen him, ‘Hahahahahaaa,’ silly n*ggas. Nah n*gga, ain’t no dap, n*gga. It ain’t funny. What’s happening? And I went at his head. He couldn’t f*ck with what we as doing on these streets so he went into a booth and became Superman. And that’s how that whole thing transcended and he was talking so much to the police, n*gga couldn’t really express his true feelings. He got my n*ggas facing 20 years in jail, my n*gga Supreme is doing life right now. When n*ggas talk all that sh*t, I laugh because they don’t know the infrastructure with how it all spiraled to what it is today.” (Forbez DVD)

Check out some recent Ja Rule footage below:

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