50 Cent Loses Mega Business Deal, “Hate It Or Love It, Sleek By 50 Is No More”

50 Cent Loses Mega Business Deal, “Hate It Or Love It, Sleek By 50 Is No More”

G-Unit leader 50 Cent has reportedly had his Sleek By 50 headphones venture gone underwater as Sleek Audio is now announcing their disassociation from the rap star.

While 50 and Sleek have parted ways, a full explanation for their dismantled deal has not yet been given.

You may remember our brief run-in with 50 Cent back at CES, where he announced a partnership with Sleek Audio for Sleek by 50, a pair of “wireless hybrid” headphones with built-in Kleer technology. Today the company revealed that it has terminated its agreement with G-Unit Brands, 50’s licensing company, and that it will be “re-evaluating our Wireless Hybrid over-the-ear headphones at a later date.” There’s no word on why the collboration went awry, and the company only indicates that it has decided to focus on its in-ear offerings instead. Of course, we’ve got way more than 21 questions about what made the relationship go sour, but hate it or love it, Sleek by 50 is no more. Disheartening PR after the break. (Engadget)

Last January, 50 publicly unveiled his headphones venture.

Ludacris and 50 Cent, two rappers, actors and entrepreneurs, unveiled their own respective lines of headphones at CES this year. Ludacris showed off a 5-model line branded Soul by Ludacris, and produced by a company called Signeo. And 50 Cent unveiled his own headphones, called Sleek by 50 Cent, which will be made by H&H Imports, a company that last year signed Hulk Hogan on as the sponsor of a line of home cleaning products called PumMax. (Los Angeles Times)

50 and Dr. Dre were involved in a minor dispute after the Doc allegedly mocked the rapper’s headphones line earlier this year.

Dr. Dre totally DISSED his former protege 50 Cent in Los Angeles the other night … maybe … possibly … OK, we’re really not sure — but it’s all on tape!!!! Here’s the back story — 50 went on a Twitter tirade this week, claiming Dre HATES him because he’s launching a line of headphones to compete with Dre’s “Beats” line. But when we asked Dre about the beef out in front of Boa Steakhouse in Hollywood Tuesday night … Dre simply replied, “I never heard of his headphones.” DISS!!!!!!!!!!!! (maybe). (TMZ)

In light of the dispute between Dre’s Beats By Dre and 50’s Sleek By 50, SOHH reached out to former G-Unit member Olivia to find out her preference.

“Beats By Dre. Actually, I own some right now and I love them,” Olivia told SOHH when asked which headphones line she likes more. “I haven’t [used] the Sleek By 50 but I will try them out. [I saw 50’s tweets saying] he’s not gonna be on Dre’s [Detox] album. I think it’s funny because it’s not fair that [Dre and Interscope CEO Jimmy Iovine] are able to do it and then once [50] wants to do it, get his own headphones, they have an issue. It’s just more web rivalry. [50’s a jokester], yes, he is very much — that’s how he is period. And that’s how I’ve always been so that’s why we had such a good relationship. So I definitely know he’s very much a clown and people take him too seriously sometimes.” (SOHH)

Check out 50 Cent speaking on the headphones below:

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