50 Cent Lends Support For MJ, “Check Me Out On Michael Jackson’s New Album”

50 Cent Lends Support For MJ, “Check Me Out On Michael Jackson’s New Album”

New York rapper 50 Cent has announced his involvement on the new upcoming Michael Jackson album, MICHAEL, set to drop next month.

Breaking the news on Twitter, Fif revealed Jackson’s request to have him do a record.

“support ya boy lloyd banks H.F.M.2 its on point and check me out on michael jackson new album,” Fif tweeted Friday (November 12).

“michael reached out to me to do this song before he passed it going to be the biggest thing ever.hes the one we got our idea from” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

A tracklisting of songs from the album has also been revealed online.

1. “Hold My Hand” (Duet with Akon) 2. “Hollywood Tonight” 3. “Keep Your Head Up” 4. “(I Like) The Way You Love Me” 5. “Monster” feat. 50 Cent 6. “Best of Joy” 7. “Breaking News” 8. “(I Can’t Make It) Another Day” feat. Lenny Kravitz 9. “Behind the Mask” 10. “Much Too Soon” (Rap-Up)

Last week, singer T-Pain received criticism for remixing Jackson’s “Pretty Young Thing” 1980’s hit.

“For all the ppl that hate mr for ruining pyt just stop listening to my sh*t. But if Quincy jones tell you he want you to do something, no matter how much shot you know ur gonna get from the dumb a**es in the world, you god d*mn do it. The f*cked up thing is everybody being so kind to mj after he’s gone, but how can you wish a man to rest in peace when you never gave him peace in a life time? I had the pleasure of meeting MJ and when I left his house I got a call from his lawyer telling mr that MJ wanted me to remake that song.” (T-Pain’s Twitter)

He later said Jackson personally requested him to do the record.

“Aw, man, it was a mission, something I had to do, something Jackson asked me to do himself,” Pain said at Lil Wayne‘s welcome-home party in Miami. “So it was basically a mission carried out by Quincy Jones. I think it’s gonna be cool, ’cause, you know, before Jackson passed away, he was gonna do a tribute album of himself. It was gonna be everybody remaking hissongs, and he was gonna be featured on the songs.” (MTV)

MICHAEL is set to drop Tuesday, December 14th.

Listen to 50 Cent’s “Where You Are” Michael Jackson tribute below:

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