50 Cent Knuckles Up? “Things Your Mouth Get You Into – Boy You Better Wake Up”

50 Cent Knuckles Up? “Things Your Mouth Get You Into – Boy You Better Wake Up”

G-Unit head 50 Cent may be gearing up for a fight in the very near future after appearing to send an open warning this weekend via his Instagram page.

A new photo of Fif in a boxing stance with a speculated subliminal caption has made its rounds online.

“The Things your mouth get you into. Boy you better wake up #smsaudio,” Fif wrote March 30. (50 Cent’s Instagram)

Coincidentally, Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross took a shot at Fif when asked about him on talk show “Chelsea Lately” a few days ago.

“Not at all,” Ross told Chelsea Handler when asked about his situation with 50. “I’m really through talking about dog. When I look up at the scoreboard, we’re winning big. [laughs].” (“Chelsea Lately”)

Recently, Ross spoke on Fif’s comical fiction “Pimpin Curly” persona.

“I mean, was he in his Pimpin’ Curly mode? If he wasn’t in Pimpin’ Curly you know I ain’t really move. … You know we ain’t got time for that. We winning. Check the scoreboard. We running the numbers up high. Other than that put the wigs on for us. That’s when we enjoyed it and we laughed. Put the wigs on. You know what I mean? Go back to that. Other than that we gon’ keep getting this money.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Aside from Ross, 50 recently aimed some dicey words at music mogul Steve Stoute over controversial remarks he made about his career.

“He’s getting into shallow waters. He’s getting closer to actually getting his a** whooped,” Fif said in an interview referring to Stoute. “If the journalist pushes and pulls, pushes and pulls and at points asks the question – you didn’t force him to say it but it sets him up. It sets him up because it provides the opportunity for him to go down that actual lane and some of them are actually smart enough not to.” (Complex TV)

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