50 Cent & Keenan Cahil’s “Down On Me” Lip-Synching Was Hilarious, Says Jeremih

50 Cent & Keenan Cahil’s “Down On Me” Lip-Synching Was Hilarious, Says Jeremih

R&B singer Jeremih has shared his reaction to witnessing his “Down On Me” collaborator 50 Cent performing their song with 15 year-old Internet sensation Keenan Cahill a few days ago.

Admitting he was shocked, Jeremih called the clip nothing less than hilarious.

The R&B crooner was somewhat familiar with 15-year-old Keenan. “I actually saw one of his videos like a month ago, something he did on Katy Perry. I thought it was hilarious. When I first saw him do ‘Down on Me,’ I was just looking at the other songs he had done and I was in awe, but I was laughing the whole time. It was just an uncontrollable laugh…I look forward to [meeting him]. I hear he’s from Chicago, which is my hometown.” (Rap-Up)

50’s viral video originally debuted on comedian Chelsea Handler‘s “Chelsea Lately” night show.

Chelsea Lately aired a video of YouTube lip-synching star Keenan Cahill performing 50 Cent’s collaboration with Jeremih, “Down on Me”–and then 50 Cent surprised viewers by popping out of a closet on the video and joining starting to rap with Cahill. In the video–the full version of which is shown here–the MC drops to his knees (so he and his diminutive collaborator both fit in the frame) and the two finish the song together, doing some synchronized dance moves and finishing with 50 putting a diamond-laden necklace around Cahill’s neck. (Rolling Stone)

Cahill also appeared on Handler’s show when the video premiered.

Keenan received an extra boost to his star power this week when he was invited to join Chelsea Handler on her show Chelsea Lately. Handler, as part of her show, had arranged for Keenan to get a visit from a special guest during a filming for a new video – her rumoured boyfriend 50 cent. Keenan was joined by the rapper as they lip-synced to his own song Down On Me. 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson appears behind Keenan in the video and proceeds to rap and dance along side his little friend. (Daily Mail)

The 15 year-old has made a name and image for himself by performing pop stars’ hits on YouTube over the past year.

Cahill has racked up over 30 million hits for his YouTube lip synching hits “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry and DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love by Usher. Talk about unbelievable! We’ve posted a couple of our favorite videos of Cahill and his skills. (Right Celebrity)

Check out the “Down On You” performance below:

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