“50 Cent Is Always There, I Make Sure He Hears Everything I Do”

“50 Cent Is Always There, I Make Sure He Hears Everything I Do”

[With 50 Cent continuing to make headlines as of late, G-Unit/Rida Gang’s Kidd Kidd gives SOHH readers an inside look at their relationship and his input on the upcoming Street Fame mixtape.]

50 Cent is always there. I make sure 50 hears everything I do especially this Street Fame project. A person of his experience, he’s been there and done that.

It means a lot. I make sure he hears everything. And the important thing is he wants to hear it, too. For real. He’s a fan of my music and I’m a fan of his music. He knows once he sits down, he’s going to have music from me all day.

Half the time, I’m probably in the studio with him making something. Of course I’m always going to make sure he’s around. He goes through all of my music and I let him hear everything, for real, before I put it out.

At the same time, it’s important to remember he “is” the boss now. Even though I be on my rebellious stuff at times, you gotta remember at the end of the day 50 is the boss.

He plays a very big role with my music. Of course we sit down and go through all the records together. He’s like, “This is the one.” He’ll say stuff like, “This is the one, Kidd.” I put a lot of records together and he’s done mixtapes before so he’ll tell me, “Yo, you can’t just put this out there. They gotta wait for this.” Or he might say, “No, they gotta pay for this one.”

It makes it harder because I can’t dumb my music down. 50’s a good dude. I respect what he do. He’s one of the best. He shows and proves. For real.

Kidd Kidd is a New Orleans, Louisiana-based hip-hop artist currently signed to 50 Cent’s G-Unit Records. He has spent time with the likes of hip-hop stars including Lil Wayne and Young Money. Along with Lil Wayne and 50 Cent, Kidd Kidd has handfuls of notable collaborations under his belt.

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