50 Cent Heavily Involved In MTV Reality Show, Promises One Contestant

The Money And The Power

Tonight, 50 Cent will debut his new reality competition “The Money and the Power” on MTV.  SOHH caught up with one of the contestants to find out what we can expect from the show.

Derrick was one of the fourteen ambitious entrepreneurs 50 moved into a Brooklyn warehouse – dubbed “Camp Curtis” – to learn the business skills that helped transform the rapper’s life. If he masters the skills and outsmarts the competition, he has a chance to win $100,000 of 50’s cash.

A Plant City, Florida native, Derrick recently graduated from high school and has aspirations to start a non-profit organization for special needs and disabled people.

“I heard about [the show] on the radio and I’m into the whole modeling and rapping [thing] and I like 50,” he told SOHH. “50 is one of my favorite artists, so I decided to go see what it was about and it was about business, him looking for a business mogul.”

After enduring the selection process, the 18-year old was chosen to be the youngest competitor on the show. 

Though he has experienced a bit of success on his own modeling for Abercrombie and Fitch, Derrick was not prepared for his first encounter with the G-Unit Capo.

“It was crazy man,” he said.  “You know when a person comes into a room [and] you can feel their presence? He has a great power when he comes into the room.  He’s an amazing person, a person who is driven and just a person who I look up to and one day hopefully to see him at the top.”

According to Derrick, Fif was very involved in the production of the show and in the challenges. “If anything got to do with 50 he’s gonna be around, I’m telling you,” he said.

Throughout the course of the show, 50 and his right hand man, Tony Yayo, challenged the competitors to a series of mental and physical challenges such as a trash-talking contest and a race that they must compete chained to their teammates.

“It’s a very interesting show,” Derrick told SOHH.  “You’re going to see a lot of competing, a lot of battling and a lot of [frustration]. It’s going to have everyone interested.”

“The Money and The Powerdebuts on MTV tonight at 10 p.m. EST.

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