50 Cent Has Had “Enough Of The Chelsea Stuff”

50 Cent Has Had “Enough Of The Chelsea Stuff”

New York rapper 50 Cent has shared his frustrations over rumors of a brewing romance between him and comedian Chelsea Handler during the past few weeks.

Re-tweeting a few of the his followers’ reactions to the rumors early Tuesday, 50 eventually asked everyone to drop the subject.

“Checkthecredits @50cent yo homie stay away from chelsea I ? her dog, that’s my girl!,” 50 re-tweeted.

“hahaha that was funny you love her man lol”

“Michy_Babyy RT @ginnypavao Is lovin seein @50cent on Chelsea Lately. Pretty damn hot and funny!”

“ok ok enough of the chelsea stuff already” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Spoofing their alleged romance, 50 appeared on Handler’s “Chelsea Lately” talk show to ridicule the gossip.

Chelsea Handler addressed rumors that she’s dating rapper 50 Cent, but she did so with a wink and a grin. Then, in a surprising move, “50” himself showed up on ‘Chelsea Lately’ (weeknights, 11PM ET on E!). Handler mentioned her hypothetical relationship with a “certain rapper with a number in his name.” Chelsea joked that her show’s staff was also obsessed with the gossip — to the point where they started a book club to learn more about 50 Cent. (TV Squad)

Within the bit, 50 surprised Handler’s staff by crashing the meeting.

In the skit, the staff meets at their Chelsea Lately Staff Book club to discuss 50 Cent’s autobiography. They poke fun at his drug-dealing days and discussed the meaning behind his lyrics to the hit song Candy Shop in reference to Chelsea and a lollipop. Near the end of the skit, 50 Cent walks out lifting his shirt, pretending to pull a gun when one of the staff members drops to the floor and tosses her purse to 50 Cent in fear. 50 Cent then says he “just came to be part of the book club” and takes a seat. Another female staff sits on his lap prompting another staffer to ask whether it’s appropriate given the relationship with Chelsea. She replies: “It’s just a rumor right now.” (Radar Online)

Last month, 50 and Handler were spotted having lunch together.

The 35-year-old rapper, also known as Curtis James Jackson, and 35-year-old chat show host Handler enjoyed a Sunday lunch date in Malibu. The pair were both dressed casually with Chelsea in black jeans and a striped long sleeved T-shirt and a straw fedora while 50 Cent wore an all black ensemble with a huge diamond cross round his neck. The couple appeared happy and relaxed as they walked out of the restaurant and piled into 50’s enormous Rolls Royce. Chelsea even paused to take a picture of a smiling 50 Cent with her cell phone before getting into the passenger side of the car. (Daily Mail)

Check out footage of Chelsea Handler & 50 Cent down below:

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