50 Cent GG-GG-Gets Ready To Reveal New Goodies

50 Cent GG-GG-Gets Ready To Reveal New Goodies

G-Unit leader 50 Cent has announced his return to the small screen, revealing he will appear on shopping network QVC this weekend.

According to Fif, he will unveil some new SMS Audio-related gear weeks before the holiday shopping season kicks off.

“Back on @QVC this SATURDAY 10 PM.Tune in ima showcase new @SMSAudio headphones #SMSAUDIO,” Fif tweeted November 8th. (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Back in June, Curtis Jackson appeared on QVC’s “Anything Goes with Rick and Shawn” segment.

50 Cent is a consummate salesman. Beginning with the G-Unit clothing line he started in 2003, 50 has sold everything from energy drinks to books to cologne to these nifty SMS headphones. But we rarely get to see him actually selling it, which is why the video above is so great: it’s 50 Cent selling his SMS headphones on QVC. The best part of the video is the woman who comes out at 0:40, bounces across the screen, hugs 50 Cent without him moving a muscle, and stands next to him while hawking the product with a level of enthusiasm generally reserved for psychotic outbursts. She’s only onscreen for a minute, but you’ll never forget this meme-ready lady. (FUSE TV)

QVC’s Senior Vice President Doug Rose previously explained the network’s decision to work with high-profile celebrities like Fif.

“It’s not uncommon to see celebrities on air at QVC, but it is rare when two guests with such star power are featured on the same broadcast,” said Doug Rose, senior vice president of programming and marketing for QVC. “‘Anything Goes’ is totally unscripted, so our viewers expect the unexpected. On June 12, we’re not sure what to expect either.” (Broadway World)

Back in 2009, Bad Boy Records CEO Diddy appeared on rival Home Shopping Network to sell his I Am King fragrance.

“I Am King, I think when people first heard the statement, ‘I Am King,’ they thought I was talking about myself,” Diddy explained on the show. “In all actuality, I was talking about the king in all of us. My grandmother brought me up to believe that you are who you say you are and if we call ourselves kings, we call ourselves queens, then we’re more likely to be treated like that…I feel if we, as men, act as kings, we’ll respect our women as queens…I want you to let them know that we made this [hand bag] exclusively for you guys, you can’t find this in any other stores or outlet, that this is a one of a kind for you guys…A lot of people out there do not know what holiday gift to get. With this holiday gift, you cannot go wrong. I’ve given a lot of this as gifts, and believe me, I’ve had some happy friends that have received this gift.” (Home Shopping Network)

Check out 50 Cent’s previous QVC appearance:

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