50 Cent “Falls Apart” Over $200K Lawsuit

50 Cent “Falls Apart” Over $200K Lawsuit

Rapper/entrepeneur 50 Cent has reportedly been hit with a $200,000 lawsuit by a production company due to unpaid bills for completed work on his upcoming Things Fall Apart film.    

Details on the lawsuit hit the Internet Wednesday (September 22) morning.

Crispy Twig Productions and Nancy Nayor Battino filed a lawsuit against 50 Cent on September 17th in Santa Monica District Court, claiming they had an oral agreement to provide casting services for the rapper’s self-financed film. According to the lawsuit, Crispy Twig was supposed to be paid $5,000 per-week for 19 weeks. The lawsuit claims that 50 Cent breached the contract by falling over $90,000 behind in payments to the production company. (All Hip Hop)

The movie is reportedly completely financed by 50.

Fiddy, real name Curtis Jackson III, was financing flick Things Fall Apart out of his own pocket. And now firm Crispy Twig Productions (CTP) and Nancy Nayor Battino, who were employed to deal with casting on the project, have brought a legal action against him. According to court papers: “CTP agreed to provide the casting services of Nayor Battino in exchange for weekly payments to CTP and weekly payments to Teamsters Local 399 Hollywood for Nayor Battino’s union benefits, pension and health care.” It’s also claimed that actors were named as being part of the project when they hadn’t even signed up, and Battino and CTP say they declined other employment opportunities while working on 50 Cent’s film. (The Sun)

Last May, 50 talked about the cast involved in Things Fall Apart flick.

“It’s myself, Mario Van Peebles, Ray Liotta, Lynn Whitfield, and it’s a project that I wrote, produced and financed myself,” he said of the film. “It’s about a Heisman hopeful who could possibly be going to the league and everyone is assuming he’s gonna make it, and then he’s hit with an illness.” (MTV)

He also said the film drew inspiration from a friend who went through cancer.

“I had a friend of mine who actually experienced cancer and it’s what motivated me to write this screenplay. You don’t have to make everything personal, but that project was. That’s why I committed to playing a role where I lost 54 pounds. I had to discipline myself enough until I achieved it but… I got it. (Cleveland News)

No further details have been revealed as of now.

Check out 50 Cent speaking on Things Fall Apart down below:

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