50 Cent Faces The Cold Hard Facts: “I’ll Never Sell 13 Million Records Again” [Video]

50 Cent Faces The Cold Hard Facts: “I’ll Never Sell 13 Million Records Again” [Video]

G-Unit’s 50 Cent recently talked about his expansive hip-hop career and why despite shattering music records with 2003’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’, he doubts ever being able to reach those same heights again.

While Fif has eliminated himself from breaking enormous records in the future, he also said there is little to no chance any other artist will either.

“News flash, I’ll never sell 13 million records again. I’ll never sell 10 million records again. I don’t think anybody’s gonna do it. It’s a different business. It’s a different thing and I’m cool with that,” Fif said in an interview. “I’m making music because I love it and it’s why I’m here. There’s nothing that can actually compare when it’s right. What it feels like when it’s right. When the music is just dead right and it’s like ‘woo’ that energy that’s there…that’s some special kind of high that you get addicted to and you’ll chase it for the rest of your actual career.” (Hard Knock TV)

Fif’s official studio debut shattered music records when it dropped a decade ago.

“By the time Get Rich finally streeted on February 6, 2003,50 Cent had become the most discussed figure in the music industry, and bootlegged or not, his initial sales figures reflected this (a record-breaking 872,000 units moved in five days, the best-selling debut album since SoundScan started its tracking system in May 1991), as did his omnipresence in the media. Late in the year, following another round of popular hits, “21 Questions” (which charted number one on the Hot 100) and “P.I.M.P.” (number three), 50 Cent made his group debut with G-Unit, Beg for Mercy. (All Music)

Last month, Bad Boy Records rapper French Montana cited Lil Wayne as proof of the record industry’s sales hurting.

Do you think Excuse My French will be well received from the onset or will it be a slow burn? I don’t know how it is but it doesn’t matter what it sells. It’ll still be a slower burn because of the way the game is. I mean, look at Lil Wayne who went from selling a million [for Tha Carter III] the first week to selling 200,000 [for I Am Not A Human Being II]. I feel like the game’s not the same. It’s not the art. You just got to have a good product. The only thing that’s gonna sell is good product. (MTV Hive)

Recently, 50 Cent spoke on his biggest failure as a music executive.

“Yeah, I’ve had projects that I shouldn’t have even involved myself in very much,” Fif said in an interview when asked if he has ever had a failure. “[I still] got involved in it and they weren’t very big and they weren’t very publicly noted. It was just small investments. [Did I learn from that?] Yeah, absolutely. I’m [a] pretty tough [businessman], I like to think so. I think my aura from the actual music gives me and advantage.” (“Larry King Now”)

Check out 50 Cent’s interview:

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