50 Cent Explains Why You’ll Never See The “Get Rich Or Die Tryin'” Version Of Himself Again

50 Cent Explains Why You’ll Never See The “Get Rich Or Die Tryin'” Version Of Himself Again

G-Unit leader 50 Cent recently discussed his views on how hip-hop has evolved over the past few years and explained why fans can stop holding out hope he will make a return to his early fame rapping days.

In Fif’s perspective, resorting back to his older rapping ways would prove he has not grown or adapted to hip-hop’s changing climate.

“Yeah! If I’m exactly like the old 50 at this point, that means I didn’t grow. It would be a tragedy if you were the same person that you were 10 years ago. It would mean that you simply fell behind. You’re not learning anything. You’re not wiser or more experienced in different territories and 10 years passed? You just fell behind. What’s cool about that?” (Complex)

Although his rapping style and content may change, the G-Unit head recently said he wanted to get his body back in Get Rich or Die Tryin’ shape.

“I’ve been writing, I wrote books since ’04, I’ve got this fitness book, well, a book on strength,” Fif said in an interview. “My concept of strength is physical, mental and spiritual. To offer that, and I’ll be releasing that shortly. Probably the end of this year or the top of next year. [My workout regiment] changes according to what kind of project I’ve got coming. When I was on the All Things Fall Apart [movie], I had to lose so much weight that I was just on a liquid diet for nine weeks and then I started trying to put the weight on, I was having protein drinks three times out of the day outside of my regular meals. I was eating like five or six times out of the day. And then I put the weight back on and now I gotta kinda get all the way cut up. I want to be back to the size I was when I released Get Rich or Die Tryin’. [laughs] I gotta get back to that, man!” (102.5 KDON)

Curtis Jackson recently talked to SOHH about why his new “My Life” hit may go down as one of his best to date.

“This may be one of the biggest records that I’ve recorded because the parties involved in it, the features with me, Em and Adam all on the record at once, our positions all within the music culture, it could turn it into one of the biggest records I’ve made because it’s a song that’s susceptible on all music platforms. It can be at Urban, Rhythmic, Top 40 and Crossover Radio all at one time.” (SOHH)

He also appeared on popular music competition show “The Voice” to perform his new single.

Well tonight The Voice viewers got a real treat as 50 Cent and Adam Levine joined forces to perform live 50 Cent’s recent hit “My Life”. As if watching sexy Adam Levine live on The Voice each week were not enough, to watch him perform on stage a song which has only just released this week is just about more than all us swooning fan girls can take! The Hip-hop giant 50 Cent’s latest release featuring Eminem and Maroon 5‘s frontman Adam Levine has some pretty incredible and keepin’ it real lyrics as it paints a picture of the pitfalls of fame and the desire to escape the larger than life image one’s life has become. (iDigital Times)

Check out “My Life”:

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