50 Cent Explains Why “This May Be One Of The Biggest Records I’ve Recorded”

50 Cent Explains Why “This May Be One Of The Biggest Records I’ve Recorded”

With his new “My Life” single killing the iTunes chart and building a nationwide buzz, G-Unit head 50 Cent hit up SOHH to explain why he believes the Street King Immortal record could be one of his biggest to date.

In Fif’s perspective, snatching up rap mogul Eminem and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine gives the track influential star power.

“This may be one of the biggest records that I’ve recorded because the parties involved in it, the features with me, Em and Adam all on the record at once, our positions all within the music culture, it could turn it into one of the biggest records I’ve made because it’s a song that’s susceptible on all music platforms. It can be at Urban, Rhythmic, Top 40 and Crossover Radio all at one time.” (SOHH)

The G-Unit honcho also detailed the technical secrets of his new single and its widespread appeal to numerous music outlets.

“The drum sequence on the ‘My Life’ production is within the tradition of abiding to the older breakbeats,” Fif added. “It’s authentic hip-hop under there, you see what I’m saying? And what I did was after me and Em rapped on the actual record, the traditional strings Em laid on it made it feel like something that could play on Top 40 and Crossover Radio. Adam’s tones on the actual record, he sings higher [tones] than the average male solo artist in music right now. It’ll all come together to make a record that I feel separates itself apart from anything else. Look at the facts, the proof is in the pudding when it’s number one in twelve hours. Usually artists debuting music on iTunes and it’s number is usually after the record is played for weeks on radio.” (SOHH)

Last week, Fif took to Twitter to proclaim the record as one of his biggest tracks to date.

“The choppers spot light in the my life video is a metaphor for fame. You can run but you can’t hide from it. SMSaudio,” Fif tweeted November 29th.

“MY LIFE is one of the biggest songs I’v ever wrote. I’m not back, I’m better thank for making me work harder.SMSaudio” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

The rap star also premiered the new anthem on reality music competition show “The Voice” last Monday (November 26).

Well tonight The Voice viewers got a real treat as 50 Cent and Adam Levine joined forces to perform live 50 Cent’s recent hit “My Life”. As if watching sexy Adam Levine live on The Voice each week were not enough, to watch him perform on stage a song which has only just released this week is just about more than all us swooning fan girls can take! The Hip-hop giant 50 Cent’s latest release featuring Eminem and Maroon 5’s frontman Adam Levine has some pretty incredible and keepin’ it real lyrics as it paints a picture of the pitfalls of fame and the desire to escape the larger than life image one’s life has become. (iDigital Times)

Check out the “My Life” music video:

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