50 Cent & Eve Analyze Nicki Minaj’s Make-Up, “She’s Not Representing For Every Female”

50 Cent & Eve Analyze Nicki Minaj’s Make-Up, “She’s Not Representing For Every Female”

Rappers 50 Cent and Eve have shared their opinions of self-proclaimed hip-hop “Barbie” Nicki Minaj and what she brings to the rap game.

From 50’s perspective, Minaj’s association with Young Money has helped build her profile.

“There’s not as many female rappers because there’s not as many emerging crews. When those new crews come up, there’s a potential for a female artist when the head of that crew sees the idea of bringing someone to speak from a female perspective.” (Associated Press)

Eve hopes artists like herself and Minaj will help spark an emergence of new female emcees.

“Even though Nicki is representing for females period, she’s not representing for every female. She’s a specific type of entertainer. There are a lot of different kind of men out there representing for the males, and you need a lot of different females that represent for the different kinds of females. … Honestly, between [Lauryn Hill] and me and Nicki being out there, hopefully a lot of other females will be coming up.” (Rap-Up)

Recently, Minaj was named of the top hottest rappers in hip-hop by Grammy-winnng producer Kanye West.

Kanye said Young Money star Nicki Minaj could be one of the greatest hip-hop stars ever. “This is gonna be such a big statement, and such a big thing to fill: The scariest artist right now is definitely Nicki Minaj. I think she has the most potential to be the number-two rapper of all time. Nobody’s gonna be bigger than Eminem.” When asked what being the “number-two rapper of all-time” meant, he said, “Everything! Having a whole network one day. Everything that comes with it.” He also confirmed that Nicki is on his album, as is G.O.O.D. Music artist Kid Cudi. (MTV)

G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks recently compared the similarities between Minaj and Lil Kim.

“[Laughs] Sheesh. I would go with Nicki right now,” he said in an interview. “Yeah, I like her as an artist. We came up in the same era, we were around the same age so I’m pretty sure one of her influences was probably Lil Kim and nothing is really reminding of the impact Kim had, since Nicki came. To have a concert and have a hundred Nickies in the front row… not too many new artists come and have a following like that. So you definitely have to acknowledge that.” (VIBE)

Check out Shawty Lo co-signing Nicki Minaj down below:

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