50 Cent Downgrades Fat Joe Beef, Says He “Never Did Anything To Me”

50 Cent Downgrades Fat Joe Beef, Says He “Never Did Anything To Me”

G-Unit head 50 Cent recently talked about squashing his issues with Fat Joe after nearly ten years of feuding and why their beef got taken out of context by outsiders.

Despite diss records aimed at each other’s necks, Fif said no physical altercations ever went down between them.

Chris [Lighty] wanted that [beef] to go away for a long time because he had a relationship with Joe,” says 50, who Lighty managed until his death. “Joe never did anything to me. I never actually physically did anything to Joe. It’s really hip-hop — this music and people being competitive — and over time, you forget what the actual source of the situation is.” (Billboard)

Last month, 50 credited Joe’s loyalty to their late friend/music executive Chris Lighty for helping end the dispute.

“Chris would always talk to me like, ‘Why don’t y’all sit down or try to let that go?’ … I’d tell him, ‘Get outta here,’ all the time. When he passed, Joe showed him a lot of respect. He ain’t have to. I worked the closest with him, it changed my perspective on it. And then you gotta look back at what exactly’s the reason, what caused it. He’s got a lot more pride than most hip-hop artists. It was just the way he was raised. He was being loyal because someone had did something for him, being loyal to that, that’s what created that energy [between us coming together].” (Boos-A-P)

In October, the Terror Squad head honcho talked about fulfilling Chris’ dream by coming to terms with Fif.

“He always wanted me and 50 Cent to make peace forever but we were just being stubborn and ignoring him,” Fat Joe revealed in an interview referring to the late Chris Lighty. “I came to do the tribute, I knew 50 Cent would be there but I came there like, ‘We’re going to do this for Chris.’ And while we were there, 50 whispered some things in my ear that was like gentleman-like, you know what I’m saying? I’m a gentleman. I don’t dislike people. I’m one of the most loveable dudes in hip-hop, believe it or not. But you know, he just said the right things, a handshake was involved and that was that. It was two grown men to say ‘Yo, this is Chris Lighty, this is for hip-hop, let’s move on with our lives.’ This is Israel-Palestine. I don’t want to talk crazy but this was going to go bad no matter what. … Unfortunately, it took somebody I love very much and [50] love so much, somebody who tried effortlessy to squash the beef for years.” (Hot 107.9)

Back in summer 2009, the Unit’s Tony Yayo said former affiliate Ma$e wanted to hurt Joe at the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards.

“Shout-out to Mase and all that,” Yayo said in an interview. “I think that’s cool they reconciled their differences, it is what it is. That’s what people wanna see now…I really can’t speak on [the contact] ’cause that was 50 and Diddy thing. That was a money thing. They was negotiating some millions — they cool now. They under the same management…I like the new record they got. I think people get confused on like, ‘Is he a gangsta or a pastor?’ ‘Cause I’ve been around Mase…We was in the car [leaving the 2005 MTV VMAs] and he was like, ‘If I would have had my knife, I would have stabbed Fat Joe.’ To me, he was trying to impress 50…I’m seeing this coming from a pastor, so I’m like, ‘Maybe he ain’t no pastor.’ Mase, that’s my n*gga, but he just confused me sometimes.” (Vlad TV)

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