“50 [Cent] Doesn’t Get Too Hands On … He Trusts That I’m A Professional”

“50 [Cent] Doesn’t Get Too Hands On … He Trusts That I’m A Professional”

SOHH recently spoke to Precious Paris about her influences, challenges and thoughts on working with one of the most infamous rapper’s in the game.

Currently a new member of 50 Cent‘s G-Unit, Paris listed a number of rappers that caught her attention at a young age as well as current rappers holding their own.

“Of course we have Lauryn Hill, 50 Cent, Biggie SmallsTupac and Queen Latifah. MC Lyte, when I was small. She really influenced me to become a rapper. I just liked her position in the game. I wanted to emulate it. Out of the new guys, I like Joe Budden. I like 2 Chainz. I love Jeezy.”(SOHH)

As the Queens native preps her debut release, she tells SOHH that Fif gives her the room she needs to be creative and that she is still learning how to deal with her ever-growing fan base.

“50 doesn’t get too hands on when I’m recording, he trusts that I’m a professional. He let’s me do my thing. I brought 50 into my existence. Right now, I’m learning fans, right now because when you’re a struggling artist you don’t have too many fans yet. You have a couple die hard fans but I’m learning the general public. I’m pretty strong on the social network sites like Twitter. I actually speak to most of my fans. Like they really feel like they know me. I read every comment and I know I shouldn’t but so far so good.”(SOHH)

In a prior interview, Paris revealed that underneath her hardcore exterior lies a person still vulnerable to the ups and downs of life.

“I have a long way to go,” she admitted. “I want to be everywhere.” “I still want to be me — but I want to have a hard time being me,” she joked. Her mentor 50 Cent heaped praise on his newest protege. “Paris is amazing! She reflects how a strong passion for art can surpass adversity,” he said. Her songs run the gamut of the genre. She pens explicit club anthems along with gritty, emotional tunes. “This is my lifestyle. I wear many hats,” she said. She said whenever she listens to the track “No More,” which chronicles her painful childhood, she is overcome with emotions. “I’m a hardcore rapper — but I cry. I shed tears. A lot,” she said. (New York Daily News)

The G-Unit soldier gained a number of fans after her sexy appearance in Smooth Magazine hit the web.

Precious Paris got surprised earlier today when she found out the cover to Smooth Magazine, on which she is featured had leaked. No worries for G-Unit’s Rida Gang member because the fellas are digging the look. Paris will be releasing her debut mixtape on Valentine’s Day. The Smooth Magazine with her on the cover is also dropping soon. (This Is 50)

Check out a past interview with Precious below:

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