50 Cent Dishes Out Money-Making Advice

50 Cent Dishes Out Money-Making Advice

G-Unit’s 50 Cent put himself into a business state of mind today (February 21), dishing out handfuls of financial advice for Twitter followers trying to make it big like him.

The frequent Forbes Hip-Hop Cash Kings money-maker answered followers’ questions about how they can add a few dollar signs to their names despite starting from the bottom.

“If things are hard for you right now. Don’t worry you will be (OK) SmSaudio,” Fif tweeted Thursday (February 21).

“Find something your passionate about and focus on it. Do Not Let Up#smsaudio”@des_thekillaz: @50cent Fif, tell me how to make some money””

“I want win I use people who want to see me down as fuel#smsaudio”@Roxylady1710: @50cent What inspires you everyday?””

“Yea WEUP, but don’t think there are no problems#smsaudio”@DONZELLI23: @50cent fif easy for u to say your almost a billionaire.””

“Find investors but you gotta have ya sh*t together SMSaudio “@Le_Playboy90: @50cent what if you don’t have the …http://m.tmi.me/LiM6a “

“Research get all the info you can on what you want to do”@OConnor_Ash: How we supposed to start when we got nothing to start from @50cent”” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Earlier this month, Atlanta’s Soulja Boy Tell Em credited being stingy with his money for helping him avoid going broke.

“Yeah, man. Look at the ones that came and went before me. Look at all the one-hit wonders and all the people that were hot at one time and ain’t hot no more,” Soulja added. “You have to learn from that. And at the same time, to be honest: I’m a cheap a** n*gga. I’m a millionaire that live with a hood mindset. ‘Cause I still feel like I’m in the hood. Once you’ve been broke before, you had no money, you had nothing to eat, you had no car, nobody wanted to give you nothing, once you get rich, you ain’t going to go that broke. You got a lot of n*ggas that was silver spoon fed, and born rich and born with money, and if they go broke, they’re gonna kill themselves. But I know what it feel like to be broke. I’m not trying to go back there.” (Complex)

Last summer, West Coast rap veteran Murs offered up some advice for how hip-hop artists and fans alike can stack their chips up.

“Murs: Always brush your teeth before you pass out drunk on the tour bus, because alcohol and IHOP equals roots canals, and they are expensive. Even with insurance. Buy income property with your first or next big check. That way your tenants pay the mortgage while you’re out touring”. (XXL Mag)

In fall 2011, Miami’s Ace Hood revealed what financial strategy he applied to avoid debt.

“Now, if I make $100,000 per month, I save at least $60,000,” he explains. “You definitely have to save for rainy days. You never know. It could rain, but then again it might storm. Hail might come. Maybe a tornado.” Another lesson: Don’t be afraid to ask advice. Ace Hood listens carefully to fellow Miami-based hip-hop veterans DJ Khaled and Rick Ross. Though Ross, a frequent member of FORBES’s Hip-Hop Cash Kings list, has been know to brag about “blowin’ money fast,” he and Khaled have told Ace Hood simply, “Make sure to save.” Ace Hood also says he learned not to overspend on significant others. In 2008, he’d give his then-girlfriend as much as $800 every few days to fund extravagant shopping trips. No more. (Forbes)

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