50 Cent, Diddy & Game Call Bangladesh For New Records

50 Cent, Diddy & Game Call Bangladesh For New Records

Rap stars 50 Cent, Diddy, Game and more have reached out to hitmaker Bangladesh to begin work on new records.

Speaking with SOHH recently, Bang revealed which artists he has been working with over the summer.

“What I’m working on right now is Gucci Mane‘s next album and I just worked with Diddy the other day,” Bang revealed to SOHH. “I just got on the phone with 50 Cent, so I’ma be sending him some music and we’ll see how that goes. I have also been communicating with The Game, so we’re working it in. We just dropped this R. Kelly and Ludacris new single, called ‘Tongues.’ That’s currently on the Internet right now. I’m working with Shareefa on DTP and we got Rick Ross on that. I did some work with Jazmine Sullivan — also put in some work with Plies. It didn’t go on his album but he just reached back out to me because he wanted music. My main energy right now is with my own stuff, really trying to get Bangalesh Records off the ground.” (SOHH)

The in-demand producer recently told SOHH about linking with Nas for the rapper’s follow-up to 2008’s Untitled.

“I just do what I would like to hear from him,” Bang said referring to putting together beats for Nas. “I’m a super Nas fan. I’ve been a Nas fan since he came out. Since the first song. With me being a producer and me having my sound, I would like to hear him on harder beats, more 808-driven, just more aggression. With a Nas record, typically to me, the songs will make the track good. It’s not the track that makes the song good and that’s what I want to bring. I want to bring the track and the song so that you’re not only jamming to the beat with the words on it, but you can jam to the beat and the words and you can jam to the acapella with no beat to it. I think he’s a great songwriter but sometimes his beats aren’t as good as his songs. I want to bring that element where it’s more aggressive, more heavy, something that’s going to pay more attention to Nas in an area where he doesn’t get looked at a lot.” (SOHH)

Earlier this summer, Bang publicly called out Cash Money Records’ co-owner Baby.

“You see this man on the videos and that’s all he do, that’s what he do–money. His name in Birdman, Stunnaman. He have his kids in furs; they two [years old],” Bangladesh tells Rap-Up TV. “You got money to blow, you make songs like that. You do have money to blow ’cause it ain’t your money.” (Rap-Up TV)

Young Money‘s Shanell aka SNL, who introduced Lil Wayne to Bang, recently defended her boss.

“First of all, it’s not Wayne. There’s a whole system behind every artist so if a producer or another artist has a problem with financial issues there’s a whole building, a whole system behind that kind of stuff. Bangladesh is a friend of mine so for him to just point out Wayne I kind of called him like, Dude… but he knows who he’s mad at and it’s not really Wayne.” (VIBE)

Check out a recent Bangladesh interview below:

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