50 Cent Develops “Diddy Syndrome,” Dietary Supplements On Deck

50 Cent Develops “Diddy Syndrome,” Dietary Supplements On Deck

Along with his new ventures, 50 Cent has announced his intentions of launching a line of dietary supplements and the G-Unit head explained how all the business growth has caused him to have Diddy-like habits.

The G-Unit leader recently spoke about his hip-hop mogul growth.

“When [my career] blew up, I developed the Diddy syndrome. That’s where this jacket came from,” Fitty recently laughed, rubbing his dapper velvet blazer. “As soon as you develop the Diddy syndrome, you put a little more grease in your hair, and soon enough, you’re selling cologne…Right now, I’m interested in dietary supplements. I’ll be coming up with something very soon.” (New York Daily News)

Both 50 and Diddy have been in Forbes’s Top Hip-Hop Cash Kings list in recent years.

The new king of hip-hop wealth banked $100 million after taxes on one deal alone when his stake in VitaminWater’s parent, GlacĂ©au, was bought by Coca-Cola as part of a $4.1 billion deal. 50’s portfolio also includes the popular G-Unit clothing line and record label, plus films, videogames and a slew of platinum albums, including last year’s Curtis. (Forbes)

50 previously unveiled his film production company venture at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this month.

He said Cheetah Vision had already bought eight scripts. “They are all different types of movies that I bought the rights to, and we’re developing projects. You will see different things from me in the future,” he said. (Reuters)

The rapper is currently prepping the company’s first production with Nicolas Cage.

The first to be produced would be The Dance. “He plays the founder of a boxing program, and I play a fighter who goes to state prison,” 50 said. “I don’t think [the economy] will affect me as much as it will the other people that are out there because I’m not afraid to finance some of these things myself if I have to.” (BBC)

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