50 Cent Determined To “Get Right”, “I Start My Training Today”

50 Cent Determined To “Get Right”, “I Start My Training Today”

G-Unit leader 50 Cent has revealed plans to start getting back into shape months after losing over 50 pounds for a movie role.

Writing on Twitter, Fif announced his training began yesterday (September 24).

“I start my training today. got to get right dre is in the best shape of his life.I lost all that weight now I feel like I’m starting over,” Fif tweeted September 24. (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Last summer, 50 said he did not envision walking home with an Academy Award for his portrayal of a cancer victim in the upcoming film, Things Fall Apart.

He said he doesn’t anticipate winning awards for his acting role. “Well, you know, I haven’t received accolades that comes with the success that I’ve had in music,” he said. “It would be a surprise” to win any acting awards, he said, noting that it’s already a reward to have people aware of the role. (Billboard)

50 also explained the motivation he had to lose more than 50 pounds for the movie role.

“I had a friend of mine who actually experienced cancer and it’s what motivated me to write this screenplay. You don’t have to make everything personal, but that project was. That’s why I committed to playing a role where I lost 54 pounds. I had to discipline myself enough until I achieved it but… I got it. (Cleveland News)

Personal celebrity trainer Mark Jenkins previously talked with SOHH about how 50 could pack on the 54 pounds he lost.

“The best way to regain weight is to do it slowly because you don’t want to put that weight on as fat, you want to put it on as muscle and you just put your body through a starvation mode so any food you eat, your body is gonna wanna convert it into fat because you’ve been starving it. You want to give yourself a good amount of time and eat healthy, you don’t want to get a lot of fat so stack up your calories on your healthy food, because when you go from nothing to a lot of food it could complicate your intestinal tract.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Check out 50 Cent speaking on weight loss below:

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