50 Cent Defends Ditching ‘Black Magic’ LP: “You’re Never Going To Hear That Album”

50 Cent Defends Ditching ‘Black Magic’ LP: “You’re Never Going To Hear That Album”

G-Unit leader 50 Cent recently discussed the motivation behind shelving his Black Magic solo album a couple years ago and why the project is all but a distant memory now.

Despite heavy promotion two years ago, Fif said there is no logic in putting out the LP in 2012.

In 2010, 50 announced that his forthcoming album Black Magic would mark a musical change in direction as he explored the “Eurodance” sound that has since become enormously popular thanks to artists like Usher and Rihanna. He has since shelved that music and gone back to the grittier sound that was a hallmark of his earlier work. He admits that venturing into unexplored territory — and testing an audience’s loyalty in doing so – is something that’s easier said than done once you’ve successfully built a career branding yourself in a certain way. “It doesn’t make sense – and that’s why you’re never going to hear that album,” he says of Black Magic. “I have things that I really appreciate that belong in my iPod — my iPod only — and leave it there.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

Fif also reflected on what lessons he learned from the Black Magic experiment.

That said, he admits he’s less afraid to announce those sorts of changes than actually implement them. “I have ideas and I’ll be vocal, because I’m in a position where I’m consistently put in platforms and positions where the public will have access to my idea. So I say it, and I don’t care. But to actually do it is a different thing, when you gauge at how people respond to you doing things that they didn’t actually want.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

Last year, the rap star admitted his delayed LP would never hit store shelves.

“I moved ‘Black Magic’, because it’s a total artist’s album. It was something that I just wanted to do, so I went in and recreationally made a full-bodied piece of work. I gave myself a new concept, so now it’s in the vault. But you can build another album out of that material that you put to the side. It’s not a long drawn-out process for me to create it, but it’s a long drawn-out process deciding what to offer the world. When I was making music initially, it was just for a 10 block radius, now it’s for the world.” (Red Bullentin)

In summer 2010, 50 hinted at the possibility of it not seeing the light of day.

“I’ve written the album, Black Magic, but I’m not sure if it’ll be my next album,” 50 said in an interview. “Since I’ve made it back to America, after recording in the UK and different territories while I was on the road, I started writing material that don’t quite fit that concept, that album. Black Magic had a specific vibe to it, a different style of music and I was playing with different song structures, music from different genres like rock music — since I got back, I’ve been writing some things that don’t quite fit that because so many producers were accumulating material to send me more ideas so when I got back, I was kinda bombarded with a whole lot of production. To give you an example, Eminem’s Recovery album. He had Relapse and Relapse 2 and I recorded for him on part two but because I was on tour with him during Recovery, we didn’t get a chance to work together on that album but he re-wrote the album.” (Rolling Stone Brasil)

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