50 Cent Defends Album Push Back, “‘Get Up’ Is Actually Performing Better At Radio Than ‘I Get Money'”

50 Cent

During a recent press conference that SOHH took part in, 50 Cent took time out to address why his new album was pushed back to 2009 and fired back at Donald Trump for dissing his MTV reality competition, "The Money and The Power."


“I decided to push the record back because I have so much more that I want to offer the public as a part of my presentation before I get to actually releasing it,” 50 said.

50’s forthcoming album, Before I Self-Destruct, was originally slated for a fourth quarter release but now it won’t be hitting shelves until early next year. When it does, the LP will include a full-length original movie, which 50 wrote, directed and starred in as well as a documentary about his mentor, the late Jam Master Jay.

Fif acknowledged that having a strong first week is important. He’s hoping that the added features will inspire fans to head to the stores to support his project.

“In hip-hop music the big bang comes the first week,” he explained. “If you set a stronger impression out in the front you can actually win big because people understand that its good enough for them to go out and get it. Hip-Hop artists don’t make it to single four if their project isn’t successful. They have to hit with the first record.”

According to 50 his first single, produced by Scott Storch, is setting him up for a good debut. “This record, ‘Get Up’ is actually performing better at radio than ‘I Get Money,’ than records that I felt like was dead right,” he said. “So I gotta say that I’m in a good space. I’m just not in a hurry to actually put the record out. I want it to be perfect.”

Despite Donald Trump’s recent predictions that 50 Cent’s new “Apprentice”-like show would “fail because he’s not Trump,” rapper assured SOHH that it’s doing quite well.

“I sat and I thought about what he said and I was like you know what is he crazy talking about my show ain’t gonna be as successful? If you check the ratings right now I’m the number one television show on MTV, ” 50 boasted. “But then I thought about it and I said he’s right, I’m not Donald Trump so I’m fine with his statements. He’s still a friend of mine.”

50 then took a jab at the real estate mogul. “We’re in a recession. Real estate ain’t the greatest business to be in,” he said. “I think Donald Trump want to get in front of this camera and be 50 Cent. ‘Go Shorty, it’s your birthday.’ Can you imagine his old ass singing that song? Donald got a little age on him and he know that’s true so he can’t get mad at me for saying that. We’re still friends.”

50 Cent’s fourth full-length album, Before I Self Destruct, will hit stores in early 2009. His reality show, “The Money and The Power” comes on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.

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