50 Cent Compares Himself To Kendrick Lamar: “There’s A Huge Difference In The Two Of Us” [Video]

50 Cent Compares Himself To Kendrick Lamar: “There’s A Huge Difference In The Two Of Us” [Video]

G-Unit head 50 Cent recently spoke on his admiration for Aftermath protégé Kendrick Lamar and noted what differences they have despite sharing the same hunger to succeed.

In Fif’s opinion, Kendrick has taken a more humble approach to experiencing the seemingly overnight success in contrast to his own past arrogance.

“I love Kendrick – there’s a huge difference in the two of us, our characters and the way we present ourselves,” 50 explained in an interview. “To me, Kendrick to me, he possesses the appeal, like, he doesn’t know this was going to happen. There’s a level of confidence required for you to withstand the doubt. I had so much doubt prior to it actually working for me, that I would appear, at points, a little arrogant, like, ‘I knew it was going to work because you took so long to figure it out. I told you it was hot.'” (XXL Mag)

Curtis Jackson also shared a few thoughts on K. Dot singling out peers with his “Control” verse.

“When he made the decision to tell the other artists that his new music is better than he’s made on the album, ’cause that’s what he meant. He was saying, ‘My new music is better than the music I made in the past and if you don’t bring yours up to standard, you’re gonna get left behind.’ I don’t think it can register as an attack because he’s worked with everyone he’s mentioned.” (XXL Mag)

Coincidentally, former G-Unit member Game recently reacted to Kendrick’s buzz-stealing Grammy Awards nominations dominance and said he viewed him as family.

Compton’s own Game was psyched for his hometown kid made good also. “Man I’m so proud of that dude,” Game said. “That’s my little homie. It’s just good to see him getting his just do. He deserves everything he’s getting. Congrats to Kendrick for everything, it’s beautiful. And welcome to the Million Dollar Club.” (MTV)

Although rap mogul Jay Z leads all nominees, Lamar does not trail far behind with seven Grammy nods.

Jay Z easily led Grammy Award nominations announced Friday with nine, but left-of-center rappers Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Kendrick Lamar were among a group of new stars who took many of the major nominations. Macklemore and Lewis’ gay marriage anthem ”Same Love” was among song of the year nominees and the Seattle rap crew joined Los Angeles rapper Lamar with seven nominations apiece, including best album and best new artist of the year. Pharrell Williams had four major nominations among his seven and Justin Timberlake also had seven. (Boston)

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