50 Cent Clowns Rihanna’s Ex-Boyfriends: “She Leaves The Guys Looking Like They Was The Girls”

50 Cent Clowns Rihanna’s Ex-Boyfriends: “She Leaves The Guys Looking Like They Was The Girls”

New York native 50 Cent recently shared some thoughts on the music industry’s biggest female stars and why R&B diva Rihanna tends to have the advantage in her relationships.

While Fif applauded RiRi for dominating the men she dates, he named another R&B vixen capable making men melt.

“It’s nice to float,” Fif jokingly said referencing his knack for quietly parting ways with past girlfriends. “Rihanna’s got a thing with her where she leaves the guys looking like they was the girls. They look like, ‘Huh.’ [laughs] They be hurting like, ‘What happened?’ The only person iller than her is Erykah Badu. Yeah. They come back different. I don’t even want that [relationship]. Keep that! [laughs] You’re like, ‘What kind of booty is that?’ [laughs]” (“The Rickey Smily Show”)

Photos of Young Money’s Drake and RiRi leaving London, including one of the R&B singer wearing Drizzy’s OVO jacket, sprouted online last week.

Hold on, he’s going home. After closing out the European leg of his “Would You Like a Tour?” run this week, Drake packed his bags and headed back to Toronto. Wearing a Supreme hoodie, the Canadian rapper made his way through London’s Heathrow Airport with carts of luggage in tow. Hours later, his rumored girlfriend Rihanna was spotted leaving London, wearing one of Drake’s OVO jackets. The two have been inseparable throughout the tour, and the “Stay” singer was seen attending most of his shows. (Rap-Up)

According to recent reports, they had officially reached exclusive status this month.

Multiple sources extremely close to the couple tell us, Rihanna and Drake have gone from casually hooking up to seriously dating … they’ve decided to give it a serious shot. We’re told Rihanna wants to spend as much time with Drake as her schedule will allow — because he treats her better than anyone she’s ever been with. Not a high bar. (TMZ)

Back in February, buzz about RiRi and ex-boyfriend Chris Brown possibly hooking back up bubbled online.

R&B star Brown — who just completed a 90-day stint in anger management rehab — has been texting the “Diamonds” singer, and friends say they’re “freaking out” that Rihanna could rekindle a romance with Brown. At the same time, the sexy singer performed and partied with Drake in Paris, sparking rumors of a relationship. “Chris started texting Rihanna on her birthday [Feb. 20], and the two have been sending each other a flurry of texts ever since,” said a source close to the singers. (New York Post)

Check out 50 Cent’s interview:

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