50 Cent Clowns Rick Ross Over Empty Concert: “Oh Boy Fat Man No Love At Home?”

50 Cent Clowns Rick Ross Over Empty Concert: “Oh Boy Fat Man No Love At Home?”

G-Unit’s 50 Cent threw a couple shots at Rick Ross this weekend after photos surfaced of an empty concert for the “Boss” in his Miami hometown.

Although he poked fun at his music rival, Fif said bad promotion may have ultimately contributed to the perceived low turn out.

“When was this?RT @Nai_soFierce: Cc:@50Cent RT @Nai_soFierce: Rick Ross concert -http://instagr.am/p/R4J3OKPJ7B/,” Fif tweeted November 11th.

“That not his fault bad promotions,of the show or maybe ,is it over ? DAMN!!! Hold up I think I see puffy in the crowed. SMSAUDIO”

“In miami RT @Ac11204: @50cent it’s was tonite miami fl ,no one showed , how he think he going to be like my boy 50 lololololol”

“thats FAMU boy oh boy fat man no love at HOME?SMSaudio”

“My man from chicago just told me the GD’s on da boy. Man forget the show,that’s not the PROBLEM. SMSaudio”

“I just saw that video. I think they just squeezing him,he might be alright. Just gotta spit a hot 16 for em. LMAO #SMSaudio” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Rick Ross also got on his Twitter page and thanked fans for coming out to the show.

“Errbody who came out tonight at #FAMUHOMECOMING much luv.we did big and think about the things I said tonight. #boss,” Ross tweeted Sunday morning. (Rick Ross’ Twitter)

Last summer, the G-Unit head spoke on his issues with the “Boss.”

“My issue with Ja is they were trying to take credit for something,” Fif said in an interview when asked if he could see himself ever reconciling with Rule. “They ain’t really built like that. … Now that I broke them down to nothing, where’s their crew at? [Rick Ross?] You know what, I never had, look at this, I can’t create an actual reason — in my neighborhood, we meet aggression with aggression. … I’m not going to chase you because the outcome is always bad when we go head-to-head. Somebody’s gotta lose. And then the people come after somebody lost. …. See how he figured out how not to have my name, say my name? And then what do I got to say?” (Power 92.3)

A couple years ago, Ross said he had no active beef with Fif despite some exchanged diss records.

“That’s the beauty of art,” Ross told us. “You can take it and channel it any way you want to. Of course, I realize I put a lot of pollution out there as well that I wouldn’t this year. That was a part of me learning. I’ll forever be attracted to some form or fashion of war. I feel it’s competitive but at the same time, I’m focused on my numbers. I’m focused on my business. I’m focused on my brand. I wanna see other things blossom around me, versus back-and-forth with nothing. For the most part, I feel when you prioritize your business, that’s the result — that’s the advice I’ve been given for so long. I’m trying it out.” (MTV)

Check out a recent 50 Cent interview:

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