50 Cent Calls Out Snoop Over Suspect Fashion Move, Dogg Responds W/ “Suck D**k Or Die Trying” Comment

50 Cent Calls Out Snoop Over Suspect Fashion Move, Dogg Responds W/ “Suck D**k Or Die Trying” Comment

G-Unit head 50 Cent is keeping his ear to the streets and eyes to the Instagram pages after singling out good pal Snoop Dogg over recently getting an over-the-top manicure.

According to reports, the New York native resorted to Instagram to get on Snoop.

50 Cent has called out Snoop Doog for getting his nails done. Last week, Snoop Dogg got a french manicure (house call, no less), and a photo surfaced online. Apparently, Fifty saw the photo and had this to say about it in a now-deleted Instagram post: “What the f#ck is going on snoop. Talk to me about this one man, Damn #smsaudio.” (Complex)

The Dogg Father reportedly responded to 50’s comment with a full-blown explanation.

What was Snoop’s response? He not only liked the photo but also left a 100% perfect comment: “Pimpin. That’s what it is spooned n groomed dipped n whipped suited n booted gooted n looted,” Snoop said in the comments of 50?s photo. “Real playas keep they nails fly fresh n dipped at the tip. I does what I does cuZ but but please believe me. Don’t let the smooth taste fool ya. BTW. This still crip. So fuxk. The haters jus wanted my nefew 50 to know the dynamics to what his big homie on !! Now for u haters. Suck d*ck or die trying. Hahahahahahahah I’m out. Much love 50. Get money !! cuzz I am.” (Complex)

Despite Fif’s direct Instagram attack on rap star Rick Ross a few days ago, recent reports claimed the “Bawse” had bigger things on his mind than a response.

50 Cent may have been hoping to start a blood feud when he publicly insinuated Rick Ross and Diddy were gay lovers … but sources close to Ross tell us there will be NO reprisals. Sources tell us Ross won’t retaliate for one simple reason — he doesn’t give a crap about 50 Cent or anything he says — he thinks 50 is IRRELEVANT. 50 briefly posted a pic on Instagram Sunday showing Ross leaning in close to Diddy as if they’re about to kiss … with a caption that said, ‘something ain’t right’ — with the clear implication the rappers are gay. (TMZ)

Last month, Ross said he felt throwing himself into a war with Curtis Jackson in 2009 was a win-win.

Rick Ross’ beef with 50 Cent is nothing but a chess game. While on a press run for his Mastermind album, Rozay spoke to Huff Post Live about sparring with 50 during the early years of his career. “At the end of the day, it’s all about chess, you know what I mean. When you don’t have nothing to lose, like I didn’t at that point, it really ain’t matter,” says Ross. Nowadays, few people can garner the Bawse’s attention. “The position I’m in now, there’s certain things you have to bring to the table to even catch my attention,” he explains. (Complex)

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