50 Cent Calls Out Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo, “F*ck The Group N*gga!” [Audio]

50 Cent Calls Out Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo, “F*ck The Group N*gga!” [Audio]

Rap star 50 Cent has turned a few heads with the release of his new “I’m All Turnt Up” freestyle by calling out G-Unit Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo at the end of track.

While known for making controversial remarks on wax, 50 leaves listeners wondering whether or not his shots at G-Unit are serious or merely jokes.

“N*ggas see me, ask me where Lloyd Banks at,” 50 says at the end of the track, “N*gga, I don’t know where the f*ck that little n*gga at. I ain’t heard from him. F*ck Yayo too, I’m on some new sh*t. F*ck the group n*gga! I’m gonna introduce you to my new n*gga. Uh. It’s ’11. I figured out what’s the matter with this sh*t. It ain’t me, it’s these n*ggas. It’s the Roc. I’m on my Jay-Z sh*t. Nah, nah, f*ck the group man! I’m on my bossin’ sh*t. I’m all the way to the top god d*mn it. Yeah.” (“I’m All Turnt Up”)

50 released the new freestyle track on April Fool’s Day.

“14 out of 14 new freestyle check it out!!http://youtu.be/KfiGKBK7ZCo?hd=1,” he tweeted April 1st. (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Known for being a jokester, 50 pranked Lloyd Banks at an Eminem concert last year.

“Did you say something to somebody about you didn’t want [Em] on the record,” 50 questioned Banks to which the rapper responded, “Why would I say that? To who?” “That’s what was being said from [Em’s manager] Paul [Rosenberg]. Man, this sh*t is getting crazy. I’m gonna be straight up with you, all right? I think this sh*t is getting a little funny between me, you and [Tony] Yayo and everything else that’s going on because look at how crazy it is actually getting him to rap on your record and I don’t understand what’s going on anymore. I don’t know, when I talked to Paul, Paul pulled me to the side and he’s talking to me like, ‘Yo, what’s going on? Why you don’t want Em? Are you kidding me? He’s the biggest rapper, you can’t get any bigger.'” (This Is 50)

Banks later came forward and shared his post-prank reaction.

“I was tight,” Banks admitted about being pranked by 50 and Em. “I didn’t really see the humor in it because just in the industry, I’ve been through similar situations, miscommunications and things like that. Plus, it was crunch time and I was waiting for my time to holler at him [for Hunger For More 2] — I just wasn’t digging that man. They sold me out, brought the plaque out and I’m like, ‘D*mn, if I get a plaque, prank me.'” (“Sucker Free”)

Check out 50 Cent’s “I’m All Turnt Up” below:

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