50 Cent Calls Out Diddy’s Manager: “I Ask Puffy What He Did To Make Him [Act] Like One Of His Girlfriends”

50 Cent Calls Out Diddy’s Manager: “I Ask Puffy What He Did To Make Him [Act] Like One Of His Girlfriends”

G-Unit leader 50 Cent won big at Las Vegas over the weekend with his SMS Promotions, but he could have another fight on his hands after calling out Diddy’s manager James Cruz.

Fif did not provide any context behind his comments but made sure to let off a diss directed at his head.

“People never cease 2 amaze me. I don’t know why they start with me. They know they gotta see me. SMSaudio,” Fif tweeted Monday (December 10).

“Old friends,new haters,same Sh!t true story.i been letting to much slid SMSaudio”

“I ask puffy what he did to james Cruz to make him at like one of his girlfriends he said what happens in Miami stays in Miami.SMSaudio” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

According to reports, 50 and Cruz had a falling out during their Violator Management days.

You can always count on 50 Cent to tell it like it is, whether you like it or not. Well, we don’t know what music manager James Cruz did to offend 50, but I’m sure he really regrets it now! If you don’t know the back story of these two, James Cruz previously worked as a music manager at Violator Management. He worked closely with Chris Lighty on 50 Cent deals both in and out of music. Rumor has it that 50 got James Cruz fired after Cruz allegedly showed up to a meeting high on coke. (All Hip Hop Rumors)

Last year, Young Money’s Nicki Minaj reportedly ended her business relationship with Diddy and Cruz.

A source close to Nicki Minaj has confirmed to XXLMag.com exclusively that the femcee has parted ways with Diddy and James Cruz, her managers since she left Debra Antney‘s firm, and is now being managed by Gee Roberson and Kyambo “Hip Hop” Joshua over at Hip-Hop Since 1978. HHS1978 also has Lil Wayne, Drake, Young Jeezy and Just Blaze on its roster. Although the reason for her departure isn’t clear, another source tells XXL that Minaj was under the impression that Diddy would be more hands-on with her career, but was disappointed when she realized it wasn’t the case. (XXL Mag)

Back in 2008, Cruz credited Puffy for inspiring his decision to join Violator Management.

“The day Puffy gave me the best advice of my career. Puffy sat me down in his office, I was leaving Bad Boy and was trying to make up my mind where I was gonna go, it was either gonna be Epic or RCA. He called me into his office and said ‘What are you going to do, what’s your decision? I hate to see you go but let me help you make the right decision for you.’ I said I have an RCA deal — a lot of money and a signing bonus and Epic deal — a lotta money and a signing bonus, and I had the Violator Management thing. It was the least amount of money with no bonus. Puff looked me in the eye and he said ‘Are you kidding me James? Are you really thinking about your future? You know marketing, you know promotions, you know retail, you know all these things about the music business, if you go learn management, nothing will ever stop you. That’s going to be the greatest thing you can do.’ He picks up the phone and calls Chris Lighty and says ‘Yo take care of my guy.’ That was special.” (SOHH 24 Grind)

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