50 Cent Blasts Floyd Mayweather’s Ex-Girlfriend, “Another Case Of Angry Baby Mama Wanting $$$”

50 Cent Blasts Floyd Mayweather’s Ex-Girlfriend, “Another Case Of Angry Baby Mama Wanting $$$”

Rapper 50 Cent has come to the defense of his friend, undefeated heavy champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. after reports claim the boxer assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

 50 proclaimed Mayweather’s innocence via Twitter updates.

“Another case of angry baby mama wanting money. Police are looking for @FloydMayweather. I just got off the phone with him,” he tweeted Thursday (September 10).

“She’s claiming he hit her but has no bruises. Floyd went to see his kids last night if a fighter of floyd caliber hits u, u would b bruised”

“I talked to him before and after the situation he wasnt even upset.He said he asked her why was the house so dirty she started trippin”

“He bought nice clothes for his kids they were all over the place.His baby moma said shes not gonna force them to wear clothes they dont want”

“I told him that’s crazy. I know how he felt. I met her before so I told him she would calm down. Can’t believe she called the cops”

“She has a girlfriend that stays in the guesthouse that floyd is paying for her as child support that is helping fuel the situation”

“Floyd said he feels like her girlfriend is using her and pushing her in the wrong direction”

“This is crazy to me. I performed in club pure on NYE in vegas I remember floyd showing me a ring he bought her for $1M. Who can u trust”

“I speak to floyd every day he like my brother his babys mother did this sh*t befor in 2003 dragged him to court then said he didn’t hit her” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Details on Mayweather’s alleged domestic dispute hit the Internet yesterday.

“Police sought boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. for questioning Thursday about a domestic battery complaint lodged by an ex-girlfriend who recanted a similar claim in 2005, police and his lawyer said. “She alleges he hit her. We’re looking for him to get his side of the story,” said Officer Barbara Morgan, a Las Vega police spokeswoman. “We’re looking to talk to him as a potential suspect.” No warrant was issued, and no charges were immediately filed. (Associated Press)

One of the local neighbors shared a brief account of what he heard.

A bevy of police cars showed up at Mayweather’s Las Vegas home around 5:30 a.m. today after Harris called 911 and claimed Mayweather attacked her. She was subsequently taken to Southern Hills Hospital, but has since been released. A neighbor, meanwhile, told authorities that he heard “a blood-curdling scream that sounded like someone was being murdered” around the time Harris called the cops. He adds that two cars sped away soon afterward. (The Hollywood Gossip)

Mayweather’s legal defense claim the boxer is willing to cooperate with the police.

The latest is being sought for questioning by the Las Vegas police about a domestic battery complaint made by an ex-girlfriend, Josie Harris, who is the mother of his three children.Mayweather’s attorney Richard Wright said his client would cooperate as “required by law.” The incident is the latest in a bad month for the undefeated boxer. (USA Today)

No further details have been revealed as of now.

Check out 50 Cent speaking on Floyd Mayweather Jr. down below:

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