50 Cent Blasts Fat Joe’s “Darkside” Sales, “Only 5,000 Copies Sold…D*mn Joe!” [Video]

50 Cent Blasts Fat Joe’s “Darkside” Sales, “Only 5,000 Copies Sold…D*mn Joe!” [Video]

50 Cent has proved his issues with Fat Joe still exist by releasing a new video mocking the rapper’s new album, The Darkside, Volume 1 and its speculated first-week record sales.

In the video, 50 uses multiple clips of people crying to poke fun at the fellow New York rapper.

“What’s up everybody, this your boy 50 Cent,” Fif said in a video. “I just listened to Fat Joe’s record and this is all I have to say.” 50 the puts up a copy of Fat Joe’s Darkside, Volume 1 which has an animated smiley face crying with tears pouring down its face. “I didn’t mean to do this to you Joe.” 50 then proceeds to mock his rap rival with footage of a woman and men crying, all taken from different sources. The video concludes with a message reading: “Only 5,000 copies sold…d*mn Joe!” (This Is 50)

Last year, Joe thanked 50 for taunting his J.O.S.E. II album with a viral campaign, citing the negative disses as free promotion.

“I’ve realized something really, that, he’s my number one fan and really loves Fat Joe,” Joey told radio personality Angie Martinez. “I’m really tuned in to that, I really came to that realization that he’s my number one fan because I’m a little upset at the label, I felt we could have did way more promotions, but if you didn’t know Fat Joe’s album was coming out today, I think he said, ‘Yo, my man Joe needs this little bit of promotion man, like he’s so much of a formidable opponent, that you know, I gotta keep this guy around, I gotta go promote his new album.’ Absolutely. Promotions. Nah, thank-you 50, man, major promotions, you really bigged me up. Nobody was thinking about me before that, thank-you, I love you. J.O.S.E. II in stores right now.” (Hot 97)

Appearing in a clip with hospital bandages last September, Fif explained the effects of listening to Joey Crack’s music.

“Yo, what’s up, this is 50 Cent, I just wanna thank everybody for showing their support with all the ‘Get Well’ wishes I got from ThisIs50.com,” Fif said in a video. “Yesterday, I listened to Fat Joe’s record, and it hurt me. And I told you people, not to listen to his music, and some people didn’t listen. And look what happened. Young Buck tried to ride his motorcycle after listening to Fat Joe’s record and look what happened…The skate boarders. The people riding their bikes. There’s people playing the music trying to work out. It’s terrible. [crying] Fat Joe’s record is the worst thing to ever happen to hip-hop. And it hurts, it hurts bad because I love hip-hop. I don’t know what else to say, I mean, everywhere. This is happening all over the place, and it’s because his music sucks so bad. It’s gonna kill people. Don’t listen to it, please, please.” (YouTube)

Earlier this year, Joe said 50 has only made one quality rap album out of his past releases dating back to 2003’s Get Rich Or Die Tryin’.

“As far as I’m concerned, [50 Cent] had one hot album, and his first album was a classic and that’s it. After that everything else was bubble gummed down. So Drake, I think he will outlast 50 Cent. If you talk about 50 Cent on top really making hot music it didn’t even last two, three, four years.” (VIBE)

Be sure to check SOHH’s Sales Wrap tomorrow to find out how Fat Joe’s new album debuted on the chart.

Check out 50 Cent dissing Fat Joe below:

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