50 Cent Begins Sex Tape Countdown, Rick Ross Responds [Video]

50 Cent Sex Countdown

50 Cent has begun a countdown for a sex tape release allegedly featuring a woman who is the mother to one of Rick Ross’ children.

To build anticipation, Fif has released a short 30-second preview and set a timer for the tape to air Friday (March 13) at 9 p.m.

“Check this sh*t out, I’ma show you my b*tch, man,” Fif’s character “Pimpin’ Curly” says in the trailer. “Here go your baby mama, Ricky. Oh man, you ain’t gonna believe this sh*t. That’s your b*tch man. No condom, no nothin’. Double R? Does that stand for Rick Ross? Ain’t that some cold blooded sh*t man?” (This Is 50)

Ross has responded to the tape announcement during a radio interview.

“Wow, that’s big, I like that,” Ross said in an interview with Big Tigger. “At least he ain’t holding dildos with wigs on. At least he looking at girls. That’s what my whole thing is and that’s why we call him Curly. He’s not straight. We appreciate all the attention.” (WPGC)

Fif’s footage was originally slated to premiere yesterday, titled “Too Hot For ThisIs50.com.”

“Corrections Officer/ Rapper’s Live-In Baby’s Mother Up To No Good While He’s Out On Tour,” the BooBooTv site description reads. “D*mn!!!!! XXX 18 And Over Only Or Officer Ricky Will Arrest You!!! World Premiere, Thursday, March 12. ‘It’s time to make a movie'” (BooBooTV)

Ross previously taunted 50 for not having sex with one of his baby’s mothers.

“Curly as we call him in the South,” Ross said in an interview. “That’s what we call him. He’s not straight. We like girls. See if he was a real gangsta, a real ‘G’, if he was gonna take [my baby’s mother Tia] up and take her shopping, you should have banged on tape. That’s what you shoulda did. (Hot 97)

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