50 Cent Battles Addiction In New “Pimpin’ Curly” Episode

50 Cent Battles Addiction In New “Pimpin’ Curly” Episode

50 Cent‘s “Pimpin’ Curly” series continues for another week with Curly turning away from Rick Ross taunts to accidentally trying crack cocaine.

In his longest episode to date, with over 15 minutes of footage, Fif’s character is featured this time as a drug victim.

“What kind of weed is this, man,” Curly asks a drug dealer as he smokes a blunt. “Crack n*gga!? You giving a n*gga crack, man?! What the f*ck man!? You can’t trust no motherf*cking body, man. D*mn. What does this mean, man, that I’ma a motherf*cking crackhead…Man, I couldn’t stop smoking the sh*t man. Sh*t made me mad, man. I wasn’t in the mood for f*cking around. (This Is 50)

50’s previous episode had Curly paranoid trying to find out who attempted to shoot him.

Curly takes a new girl away from another pimp, and an unknown adversary makes an attempt on Pimpin’ Curly’s life. Will Curly escape his enemies and the long arm of Officer Ricky and the law?? “Motherf*ckers got me trippin’ and going back to my old ways,” Curly says in the clip. “I start looking for any n*gga I catch motherf*cking slippin’ tryin’ to play me like I’m Willy Lump Lump and sh*t man. How a motherf*cker try to rob Curly? N*gga almost killed me.” (YouTube)

The internet series has garnered attention from rappers like B-Real and reportedly caught the attention of television networks.

“My n*gga done called him Curly in the South, that’s what you wanna call him,” Sha Money XL said in an interview. “Aight, now HBO’s calling. Showtime’s calling. Comedy Central’s calling. MTV. Snoop Dogg called me like, ‘Yo this n*gga’s crazy.’ You can’t play that boy, he’s too smart, too intelligent. Too rich to even f*ck with.” (iHipHop)

50 has also used his fictional character to directly address Rick Ross.

“Yeah, Brooke used to be your motherf*cking girl, man,” “Curly” says in the video. “Not no more, she with me…I heard you on theradio talking about me and Flex was laughing and I don’t like that sh*t…Yeah she used to be your girl man, Brooke, your other baby momma, I got both your motherf*cking baby momma’s…I’ma say this sh*t nice and slow for you for the last time, I’ma f*ck up your life…You in trouble, you done f**ked with the wrong one…You a Carol City cop, n***a, you think I don’t know who you is? I’ll get you when I’m ready to get you.” (SOHH)

Check out Fif’s “Curly Gets High” episode below:

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