50 Cent Aka “Pimpin’ Curly” To Rick Ross, “I Got Both Your Baby Mommas” [Video]

50 Cent Aka “Pimpin’ Curly” To Rick Ross, “I Got Both Your Baby Mommas” [Video]

Responding to Rick Ross‘ interview on New York’s Hot 97 radio station, 50 Cent‘s “Pimpin’ Curly” has returned to taunt Ross about the mother of his children while promising more surprises to come.

50’s character is seen in a car reacting to Ross’ interview with Funkmaster Flex Monday (March 9) night.

“Yeah, Brooke used to be your motherf**king girl, man,” “Curly” says in the video. “Not no more, she with me…I heard you on the radio talking about me and Flex was laughing and I don’t like that sh*t…Yeah she used to be your girl man, Brooke, your other baby momma, I got both your motherf*cking baby momma’s…I’ma say this sh*t nice and slow for you for the last time, I’ma f**k up your life…You in trouble, you done f**ked with the wrong one…You a Carol City cop, n***a, you think I don’t know who you is? I’ll get you when I’m ready to get you.” (This Is 50)

Fif’s response stems from statements Ross made about his fictional character.

“Curly as we call him in the South,” Ross said. “That’s what we call him. He’s not straight. We like girls. See if he was a real gangsta, a real ‘G’, if he was gonna take [my baby’s mother Tia] up and take her shopping, you should have banged on tape. That’s what you shoulda did. (Hot 97)

Along with his Pimpin’ Curly character, Fif is rumored to have footage of Ross’ baby mother in sexually explicit situations.

50 Cent allegedly has video. Video of Rick Ross’ other baby moms, Brooke. And this isn’t like when Fif took Tia to Jumpoff-Disney Land (aka the Gucci store)…at…all..I haven’t seen the video yet but I told my sources I needed some proof….Now, I can’t address the tattoo or the poly-satin kimono….but let’s discuss the tag here. “BooBooTV”??? What diabolical f-kery is this!? Has Thisis50.com spawned an evil offshoot? Is it gonna be an All-Curly-All-The-Time public access television channel? (Miss Info)

Despite getting to air 50 out with Flex, Ross was denied an interview by Hot 97’s Angie Martinez earlier that day.

“He did not cancel, I cancelled,” Martinez said during her afternoonshow. “There’s no beef, it’s just I was told today before the show that Rick would not be able to talk about C.O. stuff. About him being a corrections officer. For some reason, he would not be able to discuss this today. So I made the choice that I would not be interested in doing an interview that’s partial. I was looking forward to sitting down. I like Rick…I just felt like, no, I don’t want to do that.” (Angie Martinez Show)

While the rap powerhouses have gone back and forth with one another, SOHH reached out to rappers like K’Naan to find out how they view hip-hop beefs.

“It happens in every atmosphere where there’s talent,” K’Naan explained. “That sort of competition does exist but I think that we are the only ones that actually shoot each other for it. I think that’s kinda what we need to re-examine that it doesn’t get to that point because it has happened which is unfortunate. I don’t think it’s just entertainment. I don’t think that it’s necessary to be killing somebody over music.” (SOHH)

Check out Pimpin’ Curly’s latest video below:

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