50 Cent Airs New BooBooTV Footage Starring Rick Ross [Video]

50 Cent Airs New BooBooTV Footage Starring Rick Ross [Video]

In an attempt to discredit Rick Ross, 50 Cent has aired a collection of interviews by the Miami rapper showing the mixed answers Ross gave when questioned about his corrections officer past.

Combining various interview footage of Ross, Fif’s latest antics highlight Ross’ inconsistency when answering questions about his C.O. past.

“Nah, that’s not true,” Ross answers to the question of working as a C.O. “I don’t have to make up lies to make music and talk about a hundred keys and you think it’s fabricated… Me being a C.O. never been a pressured question for me…I don’t know which picture you talkin’ about, there’s been a lot of fradulent pictures…Yeah that picture was Rick Ross.” (BooBooTV)

The new video clip comes just days after 50 posted footage of Ross associate Gunplay, who was dissing 50 in one clip, and in the next, he appeared to be knocked out cold on the street.

“This one of the motherf*cking Ricky homeboys, man,” Fif says using his Pimpin’ Curly voice in the intro. “Look at this, I want you to hear this sh*t…n*gga ain’t sh*t man, you can look and see he’s high…Look at this joker man, I know the n*gga still live at his mama house…He broke man…N*gga on the floor man, n*gga knocked him the f*ck out..God d*mn man, out there in the street. Yeah, that n*gga sleep man, that n*gga sleep right there…Why n*gga ain’t talking hard now? (World Star Hip Hop)

The G-Unit leader has been using his “Pimpin’ Curly” character to taunt Ross, including the controversial sex tape from Brooke, the mother of Ross’ son.

“Now look man, I’m gonna show you some sh*t man,” Curly says in the video’s intro. “She says she loves the n*gga, I thought she was with Ricky…Oh this is cold blooded, man…Tape only been on for one minute 30 seconds, you’re dead…Look at the stretch marks on the stomach from Ricky daughter…I want you to watch this on your tour bus, Ricky…Now how the f*ck you gonna say you a boss and you run a motherf*cking crew and can’t even control your b*tches. Is this n*gga licking on the Rick Ross tattoo?” (SOHH)

While initially denying the claims, Ross recently confirmed his employment as a C.O. in an interview with radio personality Big Boy.

“So what we did was we got with BET and we chronicle my life so people can understand that by the time I was 17 years-old, 18 years-old, I was in a nice home, I was in whips, I was doing a lot of different things and I made a few moves,” Ross said. “If Rick Ross did work at one of these places, it wasn’t for the obvious reasons. There’s a lot of gold mines around people’s faces that they don’t really know how to take advantage of…Yeah that picture is Rick Ross.” (Big Boy’s Neighborhood)

Check out the latest BooBooTV footage below:

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