50 Cent Airs Clip Of Rick Ross’ Carol City Cartel Associate In Compromising Position [Video]

50 Cent Airs Clip Of Rick Ross’ Carol City Cartel Associate In Compromising Position [Video]

50 Cent‘s “BooBooTV” has returned with an airing of Rick Ross associate Gunplay from Carol City Cartel, who was caught on tape lying unconscious on the ground.

In the 2-minute video clip, 50 is heard taunting the rapper before-and-after he is knocked out on his “Coral City Cop-Tells” titled showing.

“This one of the motherf*cking Ricky homeboys, man,” Curly says in the intro. “Look at this, I want you to hear this sh*t…n*gga ain’t sh*t man, you can look and see he’s high…Look at this joker man, I know the n*gga still live at his mama house…He broke man…N*gga on the floor man, n*gga knocked him the f*ck out..God d*mn man, out there in the street. Yeah, that n*gga sleep man, that n*gga sleep right there…Why n*gga ain’t talking hard now? (BooBooTV)

50 has been using his “Pimpin’ Curly” character to embarrass Ross by showing clips from his personal life, including a video of Ross’ baby mother Brooke in a sex tape.

“Now look man, I’m gonna show you some sh*t man,” Curly says in the video’s intro. “She says she loves the n*gga, I thought she was with Ricky…Oh this is cold blooded, man…Tape only been on for one minute 30 seconds, you’re dead…Look at the stretch marks on the stomach from Ricky daughter…I want you to watch this on your tour bus, Ricky…Now how the f*ck you gonna say you a boss and you run a motherf*cking crew and can’t even control your b*tches. Is this n*gga licking on the Rick Ross tattoo?” (SOHH)

Fif has used his own Twitter account and created an additional one for BooBooTV informing fans of the new footage.

“Tiiiiiime To Make A Mooovieee! It’s On,” the Twitter account read unmodified. “BooBooTV on YouTube: Subscribe! Video of Gunplay (Who???) of Rick Ross’s Triple C’s Talks Tough, Gets Knocked the F**k out LMAO!!” (BooBooTV Twitter)

Aside from taunting Ross, Fif has used his fictional character in a series of “Pimpin’ Curly” episodes.

“What kind of weed is this, man,” Curly asks a drug dealer as he smokes a blunt in the episode ‘Curly Gets High.’ “Crack n*gga!? You giving a n*gga crack, man?! What the f*ck man!? You can’t trust no motherf*cking body, man. D*mn. What does this mean, man, that I’ma a motherf*cking crackhead…Man, I couldn’t stop smoking the sh*t man. Sh*t made me mad, man. I wasn’t in the mood for f*cking around. (This Is 50)

Check out the latest BooBooTV footage below:

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