50 Cent Airs Carol City Confessions Pt. 2, Rick Ross vs. Trick Daddy [Video]

50 Cent Airs Carol City Confessions Pt. 2, Rick Ross vs. Trick Daddy [Video]

Taking attention away from his publicized rap beef with Rick Ross, 50 Cent has aired unreleased footage of the Miami rapper dissing Trick Daddy and allegedly mocking his battle with Lupus.

Recorded last summer when questioned about his corrections officer past, nearly eight minutes of unreleased footage features Ross calling out Trick.

“Trick Daddy ain’t got one of them man,” Ross said referring to his watch. “I’ma keep you suckers creating sh*t and fabricating trying to discredit the Boss. I’m the multi-million dollar Miami mayor…N*ggas informants, snitches, n*ggas screaming thugs but they testifying…You don’t want no problem n*gga. Better stop runnin’ your f*cking mouth before I send them goons ’round there…I heard you was sick, but I’ma finish you off, I’ma finish you off legendary…Then you gonna go and discredit a real n*gga. Bring it man…Mad he ain’t on the album, I ain’t need you. It was a good business move…I wish you was here now, talking about a ‘Thug Holiday,’ I’ll give you a f*cking thug holiday.” (Street Certified DVD)

Trick recently spoke with SOHH about his battle with Lupus.

“I don’t want no body to feel embarassed about it or uncomfortable about it,” he said. “A lot of people probably think, ‘Oh I hate my life. Why do God got me living like this? Why am I the only one?’ No, there’s hundreds of thousands of millions of us that suffer from the disease. I’m a person that would get a couple of people’s attention. I could make them a little more comfortable with dealing with the situation.” (SOHH)

Fif’s previous video footage displayed Ross’ inconsistency when answering questions about his past in the corrections system.

“Nah, that’s not true,” Ross answers to the question of working as a C.O. “I don’t have to make up lies to make music and talk about a hundred keys and you think it’s fabricated… Me being a C.O. never been a pressured question for me…I don’t know which picture you talkin’ about, there’s been a lot of fradulent pictures…Yeah that picture was Rick Ross.” (BooBooTV)

With a new diss song “Mafia Music” remix featuring G-Unit foes like Ja Rule and Fat Joe, Ross previously said his rap battle with 50 has paid off.

“We got a lot of money,” Ross said in a recent video. “I just bought four new whips. F*cking monkey said he was gonna ruin my life, haha! I’m waitin’ for it man. Life is actually better. Follow my time pieces man. Follow my whips. Chornicle my triumph. You n*ggas still can’t dress. Youse a monkey…You don’t get tired of wearing those ugly jeans? Those ugly shoes? You lost all that weight and your face sunk in with your fake teeth, it ain’t a good look…Y’all stay tuned, it gets deeper.” (Watch Blog)

Check out Fif’s latest BooBooTV footage below:

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