50 Cent Adds Fuel To Rick Ross Beef, Baits Foxy Brown In New Interview [Audio]

50 Cent Adds Fuel To Rick Ross Beef, Baits Foxy Brown In New Interview [Audio]

Continuing to make his rounds on nationwide radio, 50 Cent recently called into the “Russ Parr Morning Show” to discuss his rap beef with Ross Ross along with why he decided to involve Foxy Brown in the mix.

The G-Unit leader also justified his usage of ThisIs50.com to address Ross along with why things went too far with DJ Khaled and his mother.

“Times are changing. In hip-hop, traditionally, you would use the song. Write the song, do that…but in Rick’s case, I haven’t even been getting a song, we’ve been getting a verse,” Fif said in the interview. “They took the joke too far, like if you wanna do photoshop pictures of me, I don’t have a problem with that. But then when you start [using my son] then I start thinking okay let me do something too…What happened was the other dee jays [Khaled] is associated with was like ‘yo, he didn’t mean to do that.’ I told them take it down and I’ll take [mine] down…The only cool thing that he can have on his resume of things that he’s done is sleep with Foxy Brown. She jumped off with the officer…[Ross’ son’s mother Tia] said she got passed the fact that he was a little man when they got intimate…” (Russ Parr Morning Show)

50 has also recruited Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo to verbally attack Ross via their music video “I’ll Be The Shooter (Officer Ricky’s Done).”

“I’ll never stop/I’m laying at your mama’s spot,” 50 raps, “Squeeze ’til the lama’s hot/And have your a** in trauma ock/I cause havoc, you come in my vicinity/Motherf*ck the police, Officer Ricky, enemy.” “I sleep with my gat, it’s us three against the industry, let’s keep it at that,” Banks raps, “N*ggas yappin’ about who dress the best…Your shady background/You’re probably with the cops/You ain’t street, you need to stop.” “‘Maybach Music,'” Yayo says, “Y’all n*ggas want trouble/I’ll run up on that CO and stab his a** in the bubble.” (World Star Hip Hop)

While members from Ross’ camp have yet to directly address G-Unit, Banks recently unleased “Officer Down” fully attacking the Miami rapper.

“Too easy man, can’t a motherf*cker ’round you see me/You need an AK and a Genie, a whole pound of Wheaties,” Banks raps. “He been talking ’bout the weight he push/Used to punch the clock in jail/Drove his mama car around/Now he got what you want for sale/See it, I bought it/It’s official if I flaunt it…We’ll be here long after you disappear/This is proof/One fifty one in the booth…You Super Thug/I’m kryptonite/Sleep with me, your b*tch just might/Same promotion, different fight…This is like practice/Pay your taxes before you spit my name all backwards…50 bodies you, I just lay the chalk around.” (This Is 50)

Fif has also continued his weekly Saturday morning “Officer Ricky” cartoons with the latest release, “Everybody Hates Chris.”

“Even though he has huge rap dreams, Officer Ricky still takes his career as a police officer very seriously as he chases down Chris Brown, the latest in his quest to lock up all of the music industry,” the episode’s description reads. “Officer Ricky then hangs out with some of his NYPD buddies and shoots a music video right in New York City [including Foxy Brown, DJ Khaled and Fat Joe.] Damn 50, take that!” (You Tube)

Check out 50’s interview on the “Russ Parr Morning Show” below:

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