50 Cent Addresses Slim The Mobster Jabs, “I’ll Have A Conversation W/ Dre Before I Jump The Gun” [Audio]

50 Cent Addresses Slim The Mobster Jabs, “I’ll Have A Conversation W/ Dre Before I Jump The Gun” [Audio]

After Dr. Dre protege Slim the Mobster recently said he felt 50 Cent lost touch with his street record-making ability, the G-Unit leader has stepped forward to reveal taking heed to the remarks.

While drawing a blank when trying to recall Slim’s name, Fif said he would have a conversation with Dre before coming to any conclusions about the remarks.

“Dre, he’s not active, he’s not out,” 50 told radio host DJ Whoo Kid. “So you don’t really know what he’s thinking. I don’t know what’s going on. If I’m there [with Dre], I can feel what’s going on. Other than that, I don’t know — I just seen a clip online of one of the artists saying something crazy. [For real?] Yeah. I can’t remember the guy’s name. He said something. It’s one of Dre’s new artists. He said something but I don’t know where it comes from so I’ll have a conversation with Dre before I jump the gun.” (Shade 45)

A few weeks ago, Slim said Fif’s massive fame and wealthy had a slight effect on his music.

“50 got a lot of money, he kind of forgot what it was to make a street record. I’m not saying that to talk sh*t about him, I’m just saying that in the light of, when you get money, even [Dr.] Dre, it’s hard to talk about being broke when you’ve got money. I don’t got no hundreds of millions of dollars. I’m straight. My struggle was a few years back. Don’t expect me to rap about being broke when you’ve got money.” (Good Fella Media)

In June 2009, 50 blamed record labels for forcing artists to cater toward making club hits.

“If you don’t make a record that can actually play to a certain amount of audience, there is no possible way you’re going to get the marketing dollars necessary from your system to promote the project to the point that you have the huge successful records that I’ve had. Now I’ve made enough street material prior to Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ for you to forget ‘In Da Club’ was ‘In Da Club.’ And then the Curtis album, I didn’t make any of that music prior to that album and while other artists chose to sing their entire record, I chose to collaborate with other singers and they said that was the weakest album for me because the hip-hop community feels it’s up to me to give them the aggressive content. They don’t believe the other guys have experienced any portion of that lifestyle.” (Hot 97)

Earlier in the week, Fif dropped a new project, The Big 10, featuring a grip of gritty tracks.

“I think that when people hear the tape, they’ll be surprised. It’ll hold ‘em over until my album comes out,” Fif adds with a confident smile. “I did over a Bobby Womack joint. But it’s further back then just doing someone else’s record that just came out. I see that so often from new artists–they follow the trend of what I did in that time period so often that it’s been exhausted. It’s a traffic jam in that area at this point.” (VIBE)

Check out 50 Cent’s interview below:

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