50 Cent Addresses Lloyd Banks, G-Unit Departure Rumors [Video]

50 Cent Addresses Lloyd Banks, G-Unit Departure Rumors [Video]

G-Unit leader 50 Cent recently discussed the status of his squad and, specifically, whether or not the “Punchline King” Lloyd Banks is still riding shotgun.

Talking to animated Unit associate Young Jack Thriller, Fif said things are still in tact with Banks.

“Nah, he’s not on the [upcoming Gangsta Grillz: The Lost Tape] tape,” Fif said when asked about Banks’ perceived estranged relationship with the Unit as of late. “I mean, he’s been doing the shows so they’ve been seeing him. You just don’t pay to go see his shows or hang out with him.” (This Is 50)

Banks is currently putting together his upcoming V6 mixtape.

“Still a few things I have to do with the tape,it’s not droppin monday..but soon after!,” Banks tweeted April 28th.

“I just want it to be delivered the right way”

“Trust me it’s worth the wait! You won’t be disappointed..” (Lloyd Banks’ Twitter)

Earlier this month, 50 opened up on Interscope Records dropping G-Unit.

“The reason why G-Unit was dropped, so the general public understands: the reason G-Unit was dropped from Interscope Records was because the deal I gave them was so well-put-together for them that they were to receive $750,000 in advance on the next albums – each one of the artists. So they gotta remove that in this climate of sales. They just can’t afford it.” (“Bootleg Kev”)

He also took on the question of whether or not a 50/Game reunion will ever take place.

“Nobody asks me [about him],” Fif added, referencing Game. “I don’t know. Let me see if this is just one of my character defects or not. When you said that [Documentary] record was crazy, you’re making reference to things I wrote for that record. Meaning, the first three singles off of that were things that I wrote. So now, when you look at that, and you look at all the disrespect that was displayed over the years, ask yourself, ‘Would you be inherently uncomfortable with the concept of associating yourself again with someone where — you don’t even know where it came from.’ … If I did something wrong, I can accept it, then I created motivation for it. But if I didn’t do anything at all and it turns into what that turned into, I’ll just stay away from it.” (“Bootleg Kev”)

Check out 50 Cent’s interview below:

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