50 Cent Addresses Lloyd Banks’ 9-Month Hiatus, “This Is Not The First Time This Has Happened. He’s A Baby.” [Audio]

50 Cent Addresses Lloyd Banks’ 9-Month Hiatus, “This Is Not The First Time This Has Happened. He’s A Baby.” [Audio]

The ‘unity’ element of G-Unit appears to have faded as group leader 50 Cent now reveals the status of estranged member Lloyd Banks and why they have not talked in nearly a year.

According to Fif, Banks’ youth and personal habits have swayed him away from keeping in close contact for nine months.

“He goes through these things where there’s no communication and he goes off and does what he wants, it’s set at that point because I’ve spent marketing dollars so he can go wherever he wants to go and actually go do shows, make money and do other things,” 50 told radio host Big Boy. “At that point, it’s fine for him to move around and go do it by himself. I want them to be individuals and operate on their own away from me, I’m fine with it. … We can get on the phone together, but I haven’t spoken to him. I haven’t spoken to Banks in nine months. But this is not the first time this has happened. He’s a baby. He’s the youngest in the actual G-Unit, he got really rich at 19. Both him and Tony [Yayo] have made over nine million dollars. With [Young] Buck, it was almost eight million dollars.” (Power 106)

Earlier this month, the G-Unit general delved into Banks needing to develop more on his own.

Fif also talked Lloyd Banks. There’s been rumors of Banks having tension with the rest of G-Unit, but 50 says he’s allowing Banks to “develop” on his own. After putting so much energy into Banks’ career, he now wants to focus on his own music. “There’s a point when artists need to develop themselves and their things on their own. He’s reached that point,” 50 explained. “You work for me but I’m working for you? That’s the concept that’s been going on their entire career… I gotta focus on me too.” (Baller Status)

Back in fall 2010, the “Punchline King” revealed nearly quitting rap over family struggles.

“I was completely ready to say f*ck it,” Banks said in an interview. “50 [Cent’s] whole thing was just, ‘Push on, push on.’ But he didn’t grow up with his mother and his father. Seeing my life pass before my eyes, it was like, no matter how much sh*t you have or how good you’re doing, you’re going to go through this and be devastated.” (XXL Mag)

50 previously admitted he pushed Banks to fight through his personal woes.

“[Lloyd] Banks had a legitimate reason to be upset with me at one point. His pops passed away and his moms was in a car accident, he shut down because he didn’t see the response he was looking for from the Rotten Apple record and I was a little insensitive in those areas because I didn’t know my father and I lost my mother when I was eight. So I don’t see a reason why I should stop pushing. If your pops passes away — depression is a luxury I can’t afford.” (Hot 97)

Check out 50 Cent’s interview below:

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