50 Cent Acts On Emotion, “I Can’t Remember The Last Time I Cried Randomly” [Video]

50 Cent Acts On Emotion, “I Can’t Remember The Last Time I Cried Randomly” [Video]

G-Unit leader 50 Cent recently spoke on his determination to match the success of Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and how he plans to attack his acting career.

In addition to speaking on his debut album’s sales, Fif also explained his recent venture into acting.

“[The movie Twelve] is one of the projects I’m excited about,” Fif said in an interview about his movie role. “Joe Schumaker is definitely a great movie director. [Acting] allows me to explore different emotions. I can’t remember the last time I was just crying randomly. I guess I’ve learned to suppress those emotions. You know, over time, in the environment I grew up in, it can be interpreted as you’re weak…In entertainment, I believe the public builds you up, they build entertainers in order to destroy them for the sake of entertainment. Through music, in some ways I’ve typecast myself. The success of Get Rich [or Die Tryin’], I have to match it. It’s a gift and a curse when you have your first album sell 12 million records they look at you and say can you do it again? [The economy’s problems] is a perfect way to start it. Because where we are economically, you have to groom yourself completely. You can’t really leave room for you to grow into that space, you have to come ready.” (Fox News)

Despite his initial success, Fif’s G-Unit camp has been known to receive a share of negative attention.

“Everybody hates G-Unit but we not mad, we making our money and doing what we gotta do,” Tony Yayo said in a recent interview. “The smacking of [The Game‘s manager] Jimmy Henchman‘s son, I didn’t do it, but he lied and said I did, so the media’s just gonna run with that. The New York Daily News went too far with that one, I have three kids, so that’s one thing that really bothered me. But I’m used to it, I’m down with G-Unit, nobody likes 50 Cent so nobody likes me.” (Radio Planet TV)

50’s publicized beefs have also drawn the ire of rappers such as Rick Ross, Ja Rule, The Game and Fat Joe.

“I’ma show you that footage of Joe walking through the hood in Angola,” Fat Joe said in a recent interview. “I can’t believe that one. Man look you in your eye, yap you and walk off? That’s amazing. I never seen no sh*t like that in my life…That p*ssy was shocked…It’s irrelevant [if 50 got the chain back.] You get robbed in front of America? This is what I’m saying, did he get robbed in front of America? This is my sh*t, get the chain back? That’s that bullsh*t, a n*gga get robbed and then you send your man ’cause he know him and get the chain back? N*gga you the illest gangsta? You the killer of all killers and n*gga robbing you on TV? He got robbed on TV. Never seen no sh*t like that in my whole life. That’s incredible, Smack. Ask him about that sh*t because he’s been keeping it real low though. I ain’t hear from that n*gga in a minute. He ain’t tryin’ to argue with n*ggas, ‘Yo, let’s keep the fat n*gga quiet, let’s keep Game quiet, let’s keep everybody quiet and it’ll die over.'” (SmackTube)

Fif will reportedly play the role of a bad guy in his upcoming film, Twelve.

“I’m currently shooting the movie Twelve with Joe Schumaker,” Fif said in an interview. “I play Lionel in that film. It’s an interesting character, the dynamics of it is kinda extreme. You know, I play a drug dealer that doesn’t actually need support, he’s previously been an enforcer, so he doesn’t really have people around him. I’m the connection between, I’m from Harlem, there’s a connection between me and the kids from mid-town, well, wealthy kids from mid-town that feel like it’s exciting to be around the danger that’s in the inner cities on some levels so they make their way down there.” (MTV)

A release date for Before I Self Destruct has not yet been announced.

Check out Fif’s interview below:

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