Young Buck & Tha City Paper – G.A.S. (Gangsta and Street) 2


Young Buck and Tha City Paper team up for the second installment of “G.A.S.”(Gangsta & Street) “G.A.S. 2″. Although Young Buck is serving time, he still has put together a nice catalog of material for his fans until he touches down late 2013. Together alongside another Nashville native who is equally impressive in his own right Tha City Paper, the two artists bring the listeners directly to Ca$hville on this one.

Here are the SOHH 5 Reasons to download “G.A.S. 2″

1. Buck Still Goes In

Currently serving a 18 month prison sentence in Mississippi, Young Buck recorded a gang of songs before being locked up. Buck retains an underground champion appeal while still being known for his major mainstream success as a member of G-Unit. He still brings that rowdy energy to every track and although he has gone through trials and tribulations personally, his music making ability has not suffered.

Reason 2: Gritty Music

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  • Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    Buck ain’t fell of he’s underground now that means he pass fell off stage
    Just saying

  • bread

    buck needs to get back with the Unit

    • lv

      no he most certainly DOES NOT. he is too good for them.

  • pwid presents

    Buck didn’t fall off he was blackballed by 50 what type of man stops another from eating. That’s some hoe ass shit if u ask me but anywayz buck I’m still riding witcha

  • 901crybaby84

    been listening to Buck since that first verse he spit on Beg for Mercy.his gangsta shyt always go hard