Yasiin Gaye: The Departure (Side One) – “Warning: Playing This Track May Cause Panties To Start Dropping Immediately”


Are you a fan of those throwback Marvin Gaye hits and Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) rhymes? Ever wonder what the best of both worlds would sound like together? The time has come to peep these Soul Mates.

Today, producer/rapper Amerigo Gazaway gives his top five reasons this Marvin Gaye-meets-Yasiin Bey joint project is a must-have!

1. The Interludes

I always appreciate when I hear interludes on other people’s projects. Pete Rock & The Pharcyde are big influences for me, as well as all the skits/interludes on the De La Soul albums that Prince Paul produced. I see interludes as an opportunity to give the listener a deeper understanding of characters or the story. For instance, On “T” Plays a Cool Loop” you get to learn about how Marvin was actually looping his own breaks in the studio to create a portion of the Trouble Man soundtrack.

2. The Panties

This is baby making music right here. I know Teddy P doesn’t have much to do with the overall theme of the album, but he just sounded so butter on it I couldn’t resist . Andre 3K also makes a brief appearance towards the end. Warning: playing this track may cause panties to start dropping immediately.

3. The Cuts

I always try to include cuts/scratches on my projects, mainly because I am such a big DJ Premier fan. I may not be a DMC champion turntablist, but when it comes to concepts, I will spend hours taking notes and piecing together phrases to create my own scratch-collages. For Peculiar Mathematics, I flipped up the hook using various quotes from Bey, De La Soul, Dr. Dre, Black Thought, and more. Two Worlds also features some really dope cuts at the end.

4. Inner City Breathin’

This track doesn’t have Yasiin Bey rapping on it, but it does have a couple of cool guest features (including Marvin, Tammi Terrell, Skeme, the grafitti writer from Style Wars). This was originally supposed to be a remix of “Respiration” feat Talib & Common, but the acapella was way too distorted for me to use. I suggest playing this jawn on the subway ride or during your evening walks through the city.

5. Industry Rule #4080

Last but not least, you should download this project because there is always the harsh and frightening reality that Yasiin Gaye and other projects similar to it may not be freely available in the future (See Bizarre Tribe). In the scenario that this project ceases to exist one day, only the people who downloaded it will still be able to enjoy it and share it with others.

***EDITOR’S NOTE: According to Amerigo, the mixtape has been taken down however, as referenced in the final reason, he fully stands behind the project and applauds those who have managed to get their own copy.***