Yard Club 100 Clothing – “Free Yourself, Go Out & Achieve Your Ultimate Goal”

Could your wardrobe use a boost? Are you still stuck wearing 2013 gear? It’s time to do your body right and trying something different. Today, Yard Club 100 CEO Jerrod Farley gives you his top five reasons his clothing line is worth checking out!

1. BYOE “Build Your Own Empire”


Building your own empire or working for someone to help continue to build their empire? Our clean and unique original design captures people’s attention and gets them wondering more about the brand. Yardclub 100 has a “be free” lifestyle. Job security is not guaranteed in today’s society. This is the generation of the creator, so free yourself, go out and achieve your ultimate goal. Every day is a grind and an opportunity to go out and be great.

2. Exclusive


Yardclub 100 prides itself on being one of the flyest brands. Wearing Yardclub 100 puts you on a higher pedestal than the rest because you know that you are one of the few who has the apparel. Producing product in small quantities keeps the brand fresh. “Quality creates quantity” is a saying we use meaning the better quality of apparel and designs the more the consumers will flock to try to be part of that small quantity to rock Yardclub 100.

3. Determination


“Staying positive and hustling hard” is the mentality of Yardclub 100. That statement is the backbone to how the brand has begun thus far. Every dream you chase has a hardship that you will encounter at some point but its how you bounce back that will determine your success. Will you give in and let the dream fade or will you keep chasing until that dream is caught. As the CEO of the brand I’m not where I want to be in life right now but I know everyday I wake up I’m that much closer to being there.

4. Story To Tell


The logo is a village kid from the slums standing next to his bike. The kid is symbolizing any ordinary citizen who has dreams and aspirations but is afraid to step out and fulfill those dreams. The bike is symbolizing the journey it takes for one to accomplish their goals. One may hit a few bumps in the road along the way, but with a positive mindset and gritty work ethic anything is possible. With that being said only thing left to do is ride out and take a chance.

5. Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork


Team Yardclub100 is made up of childhood friends who saw that they could utilize their talents to create a product. We love women, we like to laugh, joke, and have fun and party. These are just some of ways we kickback and reflect on what has been done thus far and create what’s to come for Yardclub 100. We are down to earth individuals and are willing to work with anyone that’s striving to be something. Show us that you want it 100% and we will give you 100% effort. Grind till you shine!


Here’s what you gotta do:

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